About DNN Platform

The most powerful and successful free open source CMS on an enterprise-grade backbone.

The DNN Platform is forever a FREE and open-source Content Management System (CMS) based on Microsoft's .NET Framework, thanks to the .NET Foundation.  

Just like other CMSs such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, it allows users to create and manage online content. And just like those other CMSs you can extend the application with custom addons to suit your needs. Unlike most other CMSs, however, it is built on .NET, meaning it is built on a solid foundation created by the world's most successful tech company. Microsoft invests heavily to ensure this is the most powerful and secure backbone for web-based applications. To date, DNN is the most succesful open source CMS built on this enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Proven Track Record

DNN has been powering websites since 2002. An offshoot of a demonstration project by Microsoft to show its .NET framework, it quickly gathered a large following around the world. Both the private and public sector have embraced this platform for its transparency and adaptability. The fact that it is open source has made it successful with NGOs and local government who are wary of lock-in and long term cost commitments. As a free solution it very quickly became popular with small and medium enterprise looking to balance power with costs. And as a solution built on .NET it became popular with the more security conscious sectors like the military and large enterprise.

It's About Partners

We believe .NET is the best framework to create web applications with. It provides an extremely powerful and easy development experience. And it is backed by the world's largest tech company. But it is not just about the code. It's also about longevity. It is important to partner with companies that are in it for the long haul. In recent years Microsoft has embraced open source and has proven to be a trustworthy partner for open source communities. In 2014 they created the .NET Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping open source projects. Since 2018 DNN is part of the .NET Foundation. This means the IP now rests with them and can't be tossed around as a bargaining chip between companies. They also hold the "keys" to the project, ensuring that personnel changes will not affect the community. DNN will therefore remain truly free and open source.

It's About Community

Any open source project is as strong as its community. Key to DNN's success has been the permissive MIT license which has allowed many to build profitable companies selling addons, services and entire solutions based on DNN. This in turn has been the lifeblood of a global community that surrounds the platform. With 2 dedicated conferences every year (one in Europe, one in the US) this community is engaged and very tightly knit. And we welcome new members to our family every year.

It's About Stewardship

Since 2018, DNN is managed by its community. At its helm are a team of 5 that set the platform and community direction. This team is aided by several specialist leads (e.g. documentation, build & release, etc). Together we strive to keep DNN safe and relevant. Our primary goal is to ensure the multitude of DNN sites will keep humming along without disruption. This means reacting to any security threats that may arise and changes to the technologies we rely on.


The DNN Platform is a free and open source product you can download today and create powerful websites with. Although fairly powerful as a CMS out-of-the-box, in practice you'll probably wish to extend its functionality or look-and-feel. This means you'll probably be installing extensions at some point. Either your own or someone else's. There is a marketplace for extensions called the "DNN Store" where you may find exactly what you're looking for.

Alternatively you can buy prepackaged solutions from DNN Corp. These solutions contain customizations targeted at specific markets. Besides the extra functionality you'll also get professional support for these products and indemnification licenses. Their current lineup is:

  1. Evoq Content - Create a personalized experience for every customer and empower any business user to publish and measure content.
  2. Evoq Engage - Weave your customers' voices into the fabric of your site, and build an engaged fanbase that extends your reach.

We encourage you to check these products out to see if they fit your requirements.

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