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How To Videos

Enjoy this list of curated "How To" videos showing basic functionality.

DNN Videos

June/2018 TADUG Meeting »

The Toronto area DNN user group meeting of June 2018, discussing things to know about E-Commerce websites

Meetings & Events
June/2018 TADUG Meeting

DNN Connect 2018 »

Video recordings of more than 30 sessions of the DNN-Connect 2018 used conference in Ireland.
A whole range of topics, ranging from beginner site Admin to advanced development of core functionality. 

Meetings & Events
DNN Connect 2018

Working with modules

How to add a module to a page

Content Management

Working with pages

Adding, deleting pages

Content Management

Installing a theme

How to install a theme on your DNN


Intro DNN for editors

Are you an editor and new to DNN? Here's a quick overview.

Content Management

Add Matomo to your DNN

Using Matomo for analytics? You can add that to your DNN in minutes.


Series: DNN Tip of the week (DNNHero) »

Aderson Oliviera (DNNHero) has brought us many tips over the years. 

Administration, Content Management
DNN Tip of the week (DNNHero)

DNN: Installing Upgrading Extensions (Modules, Themes, Providers, etc.)

When you need to add new features to your DNN website, you usually can install them using a free or commercial extension.  This video shows you how easy it is to install a new extension into your DNN website.

Media Module:  https://github.com/DNNCommunity/DNN.Media#readme


DNN: How to Clear the Cache and Restart the Application

It's common to need to either clear the cache or restart the application in DNN to help you troubleshoot or even fix problems.  This is especially true in development environments and with some third-party or custom modules.

Administration, Content Management

DNN: How to Edit the Page

This video quickly walks you through how to edit the content on your DNN-based website.

Administration, Content Management

DNN: Deleting Modules from a Page

DNN makes it super-easy to delete content from a page by allowing you to delete a module. This video walks you through the easy steps you take to do just that.

Administration, Content Management

DNN: How to Remove the Copyright from Keywords and HTML Source

By default, DNN will add a tiny bit more HTML to your webpage.  This is in the form of HTML comments and keywords.  On one hand, this feature helps to grow the DNN ecosystem and community.  If you're a business, you may want to hide this HTML.  It will lessen the HTML in the web page a tiny bit, but it will also be one of the steps you'll want to follow to make it that much more difficult for competition and bad actors on the internet to determine what platform is running your website.

Administration, Content Management

DNN: How to Turn Off AutoUpgrade

DNN comes with a setting that's called AutoUpgrade. This setting makes it easier to automatically upgrade a DNN website, but it also makes it easier for ANYONE to upgrade your website.  So we probably want to turn this off for all production websites.  This video shows you how to do that.


Creating Superusers in DNN 8 and 9

In this video, we show you how to create superusers (also known as a "host" user) in both DNN 9 and earlier versions of DNN.


DNN: How to Empty the Recycle Bin

It may be necessary to empty the recycle bin on your website as often as once a week, depending on how active your website is.  Doing so will clear out all deleted pages, modules, and user accounts from the website.  Doing this regularly will ensure that you not only have a clean website, but it could help with performance on some websites.

Administration, Content Management

DNN: How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe to Admin Log Events


There are many events occurring in DNN. Sometimes, it's useful to either subscribe to or unsubscribe from an event. Doing this allows you to know more or less about various things occurring on your website.


DNN: Enabling New Languages (Installing a Language Pack)


DNN allows you to present the website to visitors in multiple languages. This video shows you how to begin doing that, by installing and enabling a new language pack.


DNN: Using the Language Editor

DNN supports multilingual websites, but the language engine also powers numerous pieces of static content including e-mail templates, labels, buttons, and much more.  This video shows you how to use the language editor to change this content.

Administration, Content Management

DNN: Configuration Manager

DNN includes a configuration manager feature that allows a superuser to change various configuration files that ordinarily are only edited by directly logging into your web server.


DNN: Using the SQL Console

There is a SQL console feature in DNN that allows you to run nearly any SQL query that you'd like.  This empowers you to be able to do things directly against the database.  Be warned though... You really should be a DBA or have database administrator-level experience before using this feature.  Any updates you make may be non-reversible.  


DNN: Using the Admin Log and Log4Net Files

DNN keeps a comprehensive log of events that occur on your DNN website. This video walks you through where to find and investigate those logs.  This feature was formerly known as the event log and event viewer in previous versions of DNN.


DNN: Using the Scheduler

DNN have a built-in scheduler feature that allows for tasks to be scheduled for repeated execution.  DNN and developers alike use this feature to do things like send scheduled e-mails, clean data, and more.  This video shows you how to add your own scheduled task.


DNN: How to White/Black List Files

DNN allows you to manage what kind of files you allow to be uploaded and used on the website. This video shows you how to do that.


DNN: Downloading Open Source Extensions

This video helps you understand a few of the various ways an extension might be downloaded for DNN, including using GitHub.


DNN: Changing the Custom Errors Mode Setting

There is a built-in configuration option that's often enabled on your publicly available website, usually by accident.  You'll want to turn this setting off as soon as possible.  Leaving it enabled will result in an undesirable user experience for your visitors and it will provide critical details to potential hackers.


DNN: How to Change the Favicon

DNN allows you to have a specific or custom favicon for each of the websites on your DNN instance. This is important since each instance of DNN could potentially have hundreds or even thousands of websites.  This video shows you how to do this.


DNN: How to Change the Website Logo

This video helps you learn how to change the logo used on your DNN-based website.  


DNN: How to Create a New Page

Creating a page in DNN can be fairly simple, depending on what you need to do.  This video walks you through the essential things that you need to know when creating a new page in DNN.

Administration, Content Management

How to Quickly Update DNN Docs

In this video, you'll quickly how to update the DNN documentation found at the website below.


DNN Development, Administration

Learn 3 Ways How You Can Contribute to DNN Docs

In this video, Will Strohl learns how to contribute to the DNN Docs website for the first time and shows you how to do it at the same time.  You'll quickly learn 3 different ways to update the DNN documentation found at the website below.


DNN Development, Administration

DNN: How to Login and Reset Your Password

Learn in just moments how to login to your DNN website. If you don't remember your password, this video also shows you how easy it is for you to reset it.

Content Management

DNN: How to Find Support Details for Vendors

Never provide these details to anyone who's NOT a trusted and reputable vendor. These details are super helpful to generate project estimates and troubleshoot issues, but they can also help people with ill-intent compromise your website and server(s).  Always use the most secure method possible to transfer these details, if they are necessary.


Using Page Templates to Create New Pages in DNN

In this video we introduce you to what page templates are in DNN and how to use them to save time by making it easier to create new pages.  

Administration, Content Management

DNN: Building Enterprise & Team Friendly Solutions & Extensions with UpendoDNN

This is an overview of using a Yeoman generator called upendodnn to create the architecture of your solution and nearly every type of DNN extension in seconds.  All you have to do after is open the project/solution and start writing your code.  Enjoy!


DNN Development

DNN: Create a Module from a Web User Control

This video shows you how to create a module from a user control.  The instructions in this video are only meant for a local development environment, where you need to troubleshoot something using code.  You should never do this as a developer writing code for a production website.

DNN Development

DNN Summit 2021 Gold Sponsor: nvisionative

This is the second in a series of blog posts and interviews with Gold Sponsors of the upcoming DNN Summit 2021 conference.  In this interview, we speak to David Poindexter of nvisionative.  David and I speak about his company, our expectations of the conference, and just banter around with some fun DNN stuff!  


Marketing, Meetings & Events

DNN Summit 2021 Gold Sponsor: Iowa Computer Gurus

This is the first in a series of blog posts and interviews with Gold Sponsors of the upcoming DNN Summit 2021 conference.  In this interview, we speak to Mitchel Sellers of Iowa Computer Gurus.  He gives us the goods on the event, what you can expect from the event, and he also introduces us to his company.  


Marketing, Meetings & Events

DNN Summit 2021 Gold Sponsor: 10 Pound Gorilla

This is the third in a series of blog posts and interviews with Gold Sponsors of the upcoming DNN Summit 2021 conference.  In this interview, we speak to Cassidi Peterson of 10 Pound Gorilla.   It's always a fun time to chat with Cassidi and she always makes my interviews easy.   


I'm very honored to have interviewed Cassidi Peterson about her company and why they have chosen to support DNN Summit 2021.  

Marketing, Meetings & Events

OpenGraph in DNN with Aaron Lopez

Today we rejoin Aaron Lopez and discuss how to handle OpenGraph meta tags in DNN. OpenGraph tags help to ensure the appropriate title, description, image, etc. are displayed when sharing the page link on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Aaron Lopez (WOLF X MACHINA)

DNN Platform

DNN Development, Content Management, Marketing

"Hello, Hello!" with Aderson Oliveira

Today we have the privilege and honor to reconnect with a true O.G., the DNN Hero, our DNN Deskpal, the S010 Coder, the one we could always go to for a nice DNN chat and the latest and greatest in DNN news. He’s a teacher to the core, and my good friend, Aderson Oliveira. Hello, hello!

Aderson Oliveira

DNN Hero


The Solo Coder

DNN Platform


Installing DNN at Managed.com

Installing DNN CMS at managed.com. In 8 minutes you're ready to go.
#DNNCMS, #DNN, Tjeps.com


Series: Chris Hammond DNN9 Series »

DNN Development, Administration, Content Management
Chris Hammond DNN9 Series

Getting Your Computer Ready to Install DNN

We wish you could just decide to install DNN on your computer and then to it instantly, but that is not possible for any ASP.NET website. In this tutorial video, we walk you through how to get your computer ready to install DNN. In this video, you'll see how to install the .NET Framework, IIS, and SQL Server. You'll also see and hear useful tips along the way to make sure you're productive. These steps are not unique to DNN and can be followed to install any ASP.NET-based website application.

Next Video:



How to Manually Install DNN on Your Computer

Previous Video:  https://youtu.be/shRzV13rU6o​

In the previous video, we walked you through how to configure your local computer to be able to install DNN (or any ASP.NET application).  Now, we walk you through the steps to manually install DNN on any properly configured Windows computer.  

Next, How to Upgrade DNN:  https://youtu.be/bSgJ07AAT4s

Install / Update DNN

How to Upgrade DNN

Upgrading DNN is far more simple than some people make it out to be.  As long as you only install trusted extensions and only ones that you need, upgrades can literally be as easy as you see in this video.  

Configuring Your Computer:  https://youtu.be/shRzV13rU6o​  
Installing DNN:  https://youtu.be/iYx_ES7MJEA​  

Install / Update DNN

Upendo DNN Prompt Introduction

This video is an introduction to Upendo DNN Prompt, built by Upendo Ventures. This extension for DNN CMS is a great little utility to help you perform common and/or repetitive tasks in your DNN-based website.


Convert Evoq to DNN »

Install / Update DNN
Convert Evoq to DNN

Quick & Easy Way to Figure Out Your Web API Routes in DNN

A very common question in recent years relates to how people are building their various DNN extensions these days.  Most often, new extensions and development are using various techniques and frameworks to present features using a SPA approach.  Whether the chosen tools include Angular, Vue, or something else, it makes sense.  End-users are more engaged when the page doesn't fully reload.  However, if you're the developer building this - and especially if you're not a seasoned pro, your first obstacle will undoubtedly be whether or not you know your API endpoint path.  This video will hopefully help you figure that out.  

DNN Development

How to Find & Edit Static Text & Labels

DNN has static text that the website uses for all common features and abilities, such as the administration, login, registration, etc. Static text can be localized into any language you want, of course. However, what if you simply want to make an edit to an existing language? This video shows you how to find any static text you wish to edit and save it. I also use Microsoft Visual Studio code and one of my other favorite tools, FileLocator Pro.

Administration, Content Management
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