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DNN 09.12.00 Released

We are happy to announce that a new version Release Candidate of DNN is available for GitHub. This is a release candicate (RC) version, it is meant to test this new version and should not be installed on any production site. Please test clean install and upgrade scenarios as well as 3rd-party modules and your own custom modules using this RC and report back any regression issues.

DNN Connect Conference 2023 open for Registration

We are thrilled to announce DNN Connect 2023 will take place in the Swiss Alps from 25th to the 28th May 2023. This is our 12th conference. Our first European DNN event was held in 2009 in the Jura mountains with around 30 attendees. Since then we've grown and morphed from an informal get-together to a proper conference. But our conference is still mainly about and around the DNN Community, it’s members and beloved platform. We would love for you to join us!

Adding icons / buttons to a Toolbar in DNN CKEditor

Due to the nature of CkEditor and who it’s configured, adding icons (plugins) to your CKEditor in DNN can be confusing. CKEditor is an open-source editor that is used by many CMS systems and website builders. It has to be configured in a certain way and the interface in DNN (when you click the “Custom Editor Options” link) exposes most of these settings. And as almost everything in CKEditor can be configured, the option screen looks quite complex especially the “Editor Config” tab. As is mostly the case, with flexibility comes complexity..

Redirect all URLs to the root of your site

Today I got a question by a community member if he could redirect all pages to the "Home" page.
He needs this because he is setting up some "This Website is Offline" pages and would like to present google with a temporary Redirect (307) for all URLs that are not the Home page, instead of a 404 not found, as long as the website is offline.

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