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All Posts Author: Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS)

Redirect all URLs to the root of your site

Today I got a question by a community member if he could redirect all pages to the "Home" page.
He needs this because he is setting up some "This Website is Offline" pages and would like to present google with a temporary Redirect (307) for all URLs that are not the Home page, instead of a 404 not found, as long as the website is offline.

DNN 09.06.00, jQuery 3.5.0 and Bootstrap / jQuery plugin issues

I really like that DNN is updating the used libraries more actively than before. The DNN 09.06.00 Release comes with the latest jQuery; version 03.05.00 Unfortunately there's a change in jQuery 03.05.00 that makes some JavaScript Libraries fail, one of them being the "Collapse" functionality in Bootstrap. Read more in this Github issue There is already a new release of jQuery: 03.05.01 which repairs the issue.

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