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Welcome to the 2019 DNN MVPs!

The nominations were made; the votes were cast and now we’re ready to share the news! We have a great group of returning DNN MVPs along with some new DNN MVPs that I’d like to introduce you to. I’m excited to share this news and am pleased to welcome both new and returning MVPs to the group.

Targeting DNN Versions

There are a number of things that change when you progress from developing a module just for yourself to developing modules for a wider audience. DNN has a ton of features to make life easier for you and to protect the user on the other side. This is vital because you have no idea where the module will be installed. Like the version of DNN your module will be running on, other extensions that have been installed or the selected theme. In this post I'll delve into some of the factors influencing the decision which DNN version to target with your extension.

NuGet is the bane of my existence

I have said on many an occasion. And I'll readily admit that in part this is just an old coder's frustration with a new technology. One of the many "get off my lawn" moments I've gone through. But like it or not, NuGet is here to stay and in our Microsoft-oriented world it is the standard way to resolve references. Before we had NuGet we'd do this "manually". So before I go any deeper into this, let's first explore what the breadth of the problem is and how we used to do this in the old days. You know, when telephones were still attached to a wall.

Why EVERY site should be secured by HTTPS

There are a lot of blog entries and articles in the Web about that topic, and it has been discussed a million times in the last years - esp. since Let's Encrypt entered the market and Google announced that using (or not using) HTTPS will affect site ranking. But still I find sites in the community that don't use it, so here I want to work out reasons for doing a change.

The super simple guide to Github

If you are not a coder by nature, Github is created by aliens. It first it makes no sense whatsoever. At a second glance it does not get better.
But I am Dutch, stubborn and determined to get involved. So, here is the Github for non-devs. No command lines. No power shell!

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