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The Technical Future of DNN

A little over a year ago I wrote a blog DNN, .NET Core & .NET 5 which was a follow-up to my article from 2018 DNN, .NET Core, and the Road Ahead. Over the two years since the first post was authored, we have seen incredible change within the DNN Platform as well as the entire .NET ecosystem. As we continue to progress forward with the DNN Platform project it is important for us to validate the technical future and ensure that we are progressing in a manner that is aligned to the best possible future for our project.

Present in your Pajamas!

Not getting dressed up, or even fully dressed for that matter, is just one of the many advantages as a speaker this year at DNN Summit 2021, which will be held online this time around. Here's a bunch more, and reasons why there's no time like this year to sign up. 

Installing DNN on a Ubuntu Server

Really? No, I am joking, but it's not April Fools Day. So what? In this Blog article I am going to explain how to install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu, and then using it with DNN. Sometimes you are in need to install SQL Server and IIS (with DNN) on different machines, so why pay a license for the Operating System when you need a database server?
Since the release of SQL Server 2017, Microsoft added support for different Linux systems (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu and Docker Engine) to SQL Server. Some days ago, I said: why not trying this? And after some trial and error, I finally got it to run. So here's what I did.

Understanding Open-Source: Your Role

Open-source software is a part of everyday life in 2020, however, many users of open-source don't truly understand what they are getting by using an open-source project.  Lets explore how open-source projects are managed, and optionally funded, and how we can be better open-source consumers.

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