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User & Role Management Module for DNN by Upendo Ventures

I can't express to you how excited I am to announce this module being released - not over a blog. Our latest module to be released is a user management module for DNN that doesn't have Telerik built in. A client needs to upgrade, and this is the last remaining remnant of Telerik in their. No other modules could meet their needs, so here we are!  

Upendo Prompt Helps You Demo & Test in Your DNN Websites!

For a long time now, I've been meaning to put this update into Upendo Prompt. I need to create users all of the time for various types of demos and other kinds of show-and-tell moments. Isn't it a bit of a time waste and embarrassing/annoying to have to come up with user accounts on the fly? Worse, if people are watching it live too. This update will save you a TON of time!  

Upendo DNN Simple Authentication Provider Released

Whoa... If you're keeping up with the official DNN blog, this marks 3 different project releases for us in less than a week! This time, we're announcing a brand new extension that allows you to enable the ability for your website end-users to authenticate themselves using a far more modern means, than the aging username & password method.  

Upendo DNN Prompt 1.5 Released!

We originally released the UpendoDNN Generator just less than two years ago. Holy moly, I thought I was going to look it up and find a much longer span of time! I've personally used this SO many times for projects, I guess it seems like much longer. Upgrades alone are faster. This release brings a couple of fun updates, and it sets the stage for some other updates we can't wait to work on later.  

The DNN-Connect Brown Paper Session

DNN-Connect 2023 has only been over for a little 2 weeks, but already it feels like a long time. As always, when you get home, normal life kicks in again and it could be easy to forget about the great things we did and learned during the conference.

DNN 09.12.00 Released

We are happy to announce that a new version Release Candidate of DNN is available for GitHub. This is a release candicate (RC) version, it is meant to test this new version and should not be installed on any production site. Please test clean install and upgrade scenarios as well as 3rd-party modules and your own custom modules using this RC and report back any regression issues.

June 2023 SoFri: FOLLOW-UP to GA4 + DNN Connect 2023 RECAP

This meetup serves as a follow-up to last month's recorded-only meetup on Transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Watch the replay on YouTube  and bring your questions/comments to the meeting. Additionally, we recap all the wonderful things from DNN Connect 2023. There were so many great takeaways, you will not want to miss this - there's something for everyone!

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