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DNN 09.06.00, jQuery 3.5.0 and Bootstrap / jQuery plugin issues

I really like that DNN is updating the used libraries more actively than before. The DNN 09.06.00 Release comes with the latest jQuery; version 03.05.00 Unfortunately there's a change in jQuery 03.05.00 that makes some JavaScript Libraries fail, one of them being the "Collapse" functionality in Bootstrap. Read more in this Github issue There is already a new release of jQuery: 03.05.01 which repairs the issue.

DNN Connect 2020 Postponed

You probably will have seen this coming. It is with great sadness that we have to announce DNN Connect 2020 will be postponed. "First the European Football Championship, now this", I hear you say. Indeed. It's a bitter pill. What would have undoubtedly been the highlight of this DNN year is no longer.

Add module to all pages. Should you?

Every now and then, there are questions on how to use the 'Display Module on All Pages' feature of a module. And every time there is someone stating that the feature is buggy. I always wondered why as I never experienced issues. Yes, you need a bit of what is possible and what the parameters are but if you do, I think it's a great feature.

Assets for everyone (repost from corp)

As I started my career in 2000 working for a large non profit organization, I had to deal with a complex organization. Dozens of project teams, focus groups and task forces. And not just within our own organization, also as member of initiatives with other NGO's and the federal government. Our department (Online communication) was not just facilitating the website and CMS but also trying to have 40 editors to comply with our company house style. ... If I only had a CMS like DNN back then...

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