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The DNN Community: A Symphony of Collaboration and Innovation

In a world that often emphasizes individual achievements, the DNN community stands as a testament to the power of collective genius.  This robust, vibrant network of developers, architects, designers, dreamers, and problem solvers serves as the backbone of an open-source phenomenon — DotNetNuke (DNN).  But what makes this community so unique?  Tycho de Waard captures the essence of the DNN community in his poetic tribute, highlighting its core attributes: unity, collaboration, innovation, and openness. 

NEW - Google Analytics 4 Connector

Currently there are two Connectors in DNN Platform for quickly configuring analytics scripts. One is the original Google Analytics connector.  In its current state, this works for Universal Analytics properties using the latest recommend script placement. The other is the Google Tag Manager connector.  This one is great for those that prefer to manage everything using a Google Tag Manager container.

Time To Test - DNN 9.11.0 RC

Hello everyone and welcome to this glorious day, one that marks the beginning of a new DNN era!  I don’t mean to be all dramatic here, but it is indeed an epic day.  We are making the DNN Platform 9.11.0 Release Candidate available for immediate testing.

Strategy: To Know Thyself

I remember back in my early school years as a kid how much certain clothing and shoes played a role in social norms and acceptance among peers.  I thought I’d try not to date myself here, but geez, who am I kidding?  You all remember the days of parachute pants, Michael Jackson leather jackets a la Thriller, and of course Air Jordans?  Man, I unashamedly thrived to possess all three!  Bare with me for a moment here while I take a quick walk down memory lane with each of these three highly sought-after items.  ;-)

Strategy: DNN Platform Issue Management, Milestones and Roadmap

DNN 9.7.0 was slated as the next big release on our roadmap.  Plans included a new Resource Manager for managing digital assets.  While we were still working on the new Resource Manager and marching towards the 9.7.0 release, we received a nice mix of bug fixes and new features as pull requests.  And since we were aiming for a minor release, we did not separate bug fixes from new features. 

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