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Strategy: DNN Platform Issue Management (Part 2)

Written By David Poindexter

Well...it has been three weeks of pretty steady work, but I have finally managed to get ALL issues on GitHub added to the Issue Triage project.

See:  Issue Triage Project

I hope it is all not for naught, but my hope is that people can start using this project to quickly see which "Bugs", "Enhancements" and "Features" are Ready for Development and start working quicker.  There are still a lot of issues sitting in the "Awaiting Triage" column, but we can now finally start processing these and getting them either closed or moved to the appropriate column.

This should also help with general Issues search as well (for those that don't know about or want to use the Project).

We currently have:

  • 96 issues in "Awaiting Triage"

  • 11 issues in "Awaiting Compliance/Verification"

  • 48 issues in "Bugs"

  • 73 issues in "Enhancements"

  • 7 issues in "Features"

There have been 132 issues so far that have gone through the Issue Triage project and have been now been "Closed".

This system can and will work if we are diligent in following the process and relying on the tools at our disposal.

Daniel Valadas and I will be working later today on some new automation to ensure new issues are properly added to the Issue Triage project. And we'll start to think through additional automation that can help our Issue Management be even more efficient.

Thank you to everyone for your patience while getting this new Issues Management system in place and refined. Also, if you haven't seen my January 2020 blog post on "Strategy: DNN Platform Issue Management" please check it out as the new Label System seems to be working very well so far. If you are not familiar with it, perhaps reading the blog and then using some of the powerful GitHub Issues search tools can help you find issues that are in alignment with your areas of interest or skill set for making valuable DNN Platform contributions! 

We are making progress!  Thank you to everyone for your part in this effort!

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This is really slick! I'm just wondering if it possible to get https://github.com/DNN-Connect/CKEditorProvider/issues bundled in as well?
Tuesday, July 21, 2020 ·

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