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Calling All DNN Developers - 2019 Second Annual DNN Awards

It’s that time of year again!  See how your website compares to the best designed and developed DNN websites in the world.

DNN Awards was created for the DNN community to showcase the best websites each year that are powered by the DNN Platform.  We aim to recognize their excellence in user experience and their innovation in applying DNN features and capabilities. This competition offers entrants a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents among their peers and receive feedback from industry experts.

Improving the build process

If you're familiar with the source code of the DNN Platform, you probably agree with me that it is not easy to set up for development purposes. And you'll probably agree with me that it is not entirely clear how to build. Or even what build does. Just so you know: we are working to improve this. If only to make our own lvies easier developing DNN.

Major Infrastructure Changes to DNN Platform

A lot has changed in the past 18 months with DNN Platform, and not all of that change has been given the attention that it should.  This post is a round-up of major activity out of the Technology Group for the past 18 months and showcases information about the future.

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