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All Posts Author: Peter Donker

Forums in the late 2010s

A few of us are discussing whether to move away from Slack as a collaboration tool in favor of the forums on the new community website. The two main drawbacks with Slack are (1) that it is "yet another tool" and therefore not immediately available to someone who wishes to join a conversation and (2) that old discussions fade away in time (and also not searchable etc).

Wait. It’s over already?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know there was a DNN party earlier this month in Switzerland. The party was called DNN Connect and held in the Alpine mountain village of Champéry. As both the president of DNN Connect and the location manager for this event, I had quite a bit to do with proceedings this year. So the hole I dropped into when I waved the last attendee goodbye was immense. A severe case of the post-conference-blues. So besides picking up "regular work" again I've been staring at my monitor thinking "now what?" Well, time to reflect on this event.

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