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The Evolution of the DNN Community Website Modules...

In 2011 I spent a significant amount of time with the DNN Corp Marketing and Sales teams to assist them with their content marketing and sales campaigns. As part of that process I had learned a great deal about how marketing auotmation tools such as Marketo and Salesforce actually functioned from a technical perspective. I had also learned some of the challenges and frustrations of integrating these solutions with DotNetNuke at that time.

Proud Sponsor of DNN Summit 2020 in Orlando, FL

I've been using DNN nearly since it launched, which is nearly 17 years ago now. Among my DNN accomplishments is founding the original community-based DNN conference, originally named Day of DotNetNuke and first hosted in Tampa, FL. That was 10 years ago. Things have come full circle now that the DNN Summit conference is going back to Orlando. It's with great pride that I'm announcing we're silver sponsors of DNN Summit 2020. 

I Just Installed DNN. What's Next?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget some of the simple things when you've been working with something over a long period of time. When this happens, it's easy to overlook how technical, difficult, hidden, or simply not obvious things. You end up in something of an auto-pilot mode. This article helps to outline some of the quick-and-easy things that we often do after first installing DNN. 

Welcome to the 2019 DNN MVPs!

The nominations were made; the votes were cast and now we’re ready to share the news! We have a great group of returning DNN MVPs along with some new DNN MVPs that I’d like to introduce you to. I’m excited to share this news and am pleased to welcome both new and returning MVPs to the group.

Targeting DNN Versions

There are a number of things that change when you progress from developing a module just for yourself to developing modules for a wider audience. DNN has a ton of features to make life easier for you and to protect the user on the other side. This is vital because you have no idea where the module will be installed. Like the version of DNN your module will be running on, other extensions that have been installed or the selected theme. In this post I'll delve into some of the factors influencing the decision which DNN version to target with your extension.

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