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Why EVERY site should be secured by HTTPS

There are a lot of blog entries and articles in the Web about that topic, and it has been discussed a million times in the last years - esp. since Let's Encrypt entered the market and Google announced that using (or not using) HTTPS will affect site ranking. But still I find sites in the community that don't use it, so here I want to work out reasons for doing a change.

The super simple guide to Github

If you are not a coder by nature, Github is created by aliens. It first it makes no sense whatsoever. At a second glance it does not get better.
But I am Dutch, stubborn and determined to get involved. So, here is the Github for non-devs. No command lines. No power shell!

New Azure Active Directory B2C provider for DNN Platform

Hello folks! Today I’m happy to announce the release of a new auth provider for DNN Platform, that leverages all the power of Azure Active Directory B2C to any DNN based website. In short, this allows you to use a common and centralized identity service across all your customer facing applications, including the integration of your DNN website. And is Open Source and available on GitHub! 

2019 DNN MVP Nominations are Open!

Last year the DNN MVP program was refreshed, turned over to the community, and a new batch of MVPs were nominated, voted on, and inducted into the community. Well, it’s that time again and the nominations for 2019 MVP are open. Get the details on how to nominate individuals for MVP in this blog!

Forums in the late 2010s

A few of us are discussing whether to move away from Slack as a collaboration tool in favor of the forums on the new community website. The two main drawbacks with Slack are (1) that it is "yet another tool" and therefore not immediately available to someone who wishes to join a conversation and (2) that old discussions fade away in time (and also not searchable etc).

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