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DNN-Connect 2023 in Champéry, Switzerland was Awesome (as Always)!

This was my second time coming to Champéry, Switzerland, and it’s a place that I instantly fell in love with the previous trip.  There are all kinds of reasons for that.  Maybe it’s the magic views that you can’t stop looking at.  Maybe it’s the people or the venue.  It could be the afternoon activities…  Maybe, it’s the amazing friends that we get to share this with, all the while learning and teaching all things DNN.  (Accompanied by a drink or two, of course…) 

There’s too much to mention, so let’s just agree that it's all of the above and more! 

NEW - Google Analytics 4 Connector

Currently there are two Connectors in DNN Platform for quickly configuring analytics scripts. One is the original Google Analytics connector.  In its current state, this works for Universal Analytics properties using the latest recommend script placement. The other is the Google Tag Manager connector.  This one is great for those that prefer to manage everything using a Google Tag Manager container.

DNN-Connect 2023 Trip Advisor Links for Our Venues

I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I think we’d be pretty unanimous in collectively agreeing that all of the venues we were at during this year’s conference were pretty amazing.  Whenever I have great experiences like that, I tend to want to try and support them in some way.  For things like this where we’re all tourists (kind-of), giving them a good review can go a long way.  This blog post is meant to help you do that – if you want to.

OpenContent Templates for Mandeeps' Porto Theme

If you haven't been in the DNN ecosystem long, you may not know that one of the most popular themes you can buy is the Porto theme, by Mandeeps. And there are two prominent structured content solutions out there, including an open-source one known as OpenContent. Both are very popular and flexible solutions that I'd recommend to anyone that needs either. However, we have news about both...

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