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DNN Connect 2024 Conference in Champery, count down to opening...

Written By Cathy Lee

We thought we'd share with you a timeline so that you know what to expect regarding the 2024 DNN Connect Conference in Champery (from 23rd to 26th May) and the opening of registration!

15th January 2024 : end of sponsorship call

As you already know and because an event of this quality at this price is impossible to offer without our generous sponsors, we've been working on new sponsors' packages. You'll find all the details, options and packages on the DNN Connect website, in the section Events > 2024 here.

By 15th January, we will have to finalise this year's sponsors so that prices and packages can be finalised themselves : you've not come forward yet but wish to contribute / sponsor the event ? Find out all the details and get in touch here.

For any question regarding sponsoring, please get in touch with Stefan through this e-mail.

31st January 2024 : prices and packages finalised

Once all the sponsors are officialised, we'll be able to finalise the price of the attendees' ticket : hopefully, the 2024 sponsors will enable us to keep it as low as usual!

1st February 2024 : opening registration

If all goes well, registration should open on Thursday 1st February : we will obviously keep you informed so that you can beat Tycho or Hans to it and be the first 2024 attendee to register! ;)

On this thought, we share with you again the 2023 conference wrap-up video to leave you dreaming about next year's conference :) 

Looking forward to hearing from you all very soon, we which you a great time for the end of year events! 
for the organising team (Peter Donker, Declan Ward, Vicenc Masanas, Timo Breumelhof, Stefan Kamphuis, David Poindexter, Cathy Lee)

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Looking forward for February 1st!
Saturday, December 9, 2023 ·

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