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PolyDeploy Donated to DNN Community

Written By Mitchel Sellers

The DNN Community has received a great gift from the team at Cantarus that will help to add better deployment scenarios to DNN Platform that support enterprise application structures.

What is PolyDeploy

PolyDeploy was initially created around 3 years ago, and provides two major functionalities for users of DNN Platform.

  • The ability to upload/install multiple modules at the same time interactively
  • The ability to upload/install multiple modules from an external service using an API

For those working with sites that include a lot of customization, or that have a large number of modules this functionality is invaluable. We use PolyDeploy alongside our Azure DevOps processes to automate our deployments to production and non-production environments.

What This Means

Since Cantarus has donated the project to the DNN community, available here, this means that the greater DNN community will take over the management of PolyDeploy in its current form, and we will have the flexibility to do additional things with it in the future.

Our current plans call for continued updates in the coming weeks/months using PolyDeploy as it is now, an extension for DNN. Once things have been updated to meet current demands, efforts will shift to move the technology implementation to something that eventually will be packaged with DNN Platform and distributed as part of the core product.

Getting Involved

Now that we have move the project, as with all other DNN Community projects we welcome community contributions of any type. From testing, logging bug reports, or implementing changes we welcome contributions. If you have questions feel free to add to the discussions on GitHub.

Thanks to Cantarus

From myself as well as the greater DNN Community I want to thank Cantarus for this contribution.

Cantarus are a full service digital agency based in Manchester in the UK. As a six-time DNN Global Partner of the Year,.and the longest-serving DNN Gold/Advanced Partner outside of the US, they are industry leaders when it comes to building digital experiences with DNN.

Drawing on decades of combined experience from multiple fields, they work across the entire digital ecosystem to transform client ambition into success, winning them the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry with a Net Promoter Score of +83.

As well as offering the full suite of digital agency services, Cantarus also hosts classroom sessions and online training helping developers, administrators and content managers perform and thrive with DNN products.

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FYI - I fixed the link "available here" that goes to the new GitHub home of the project.
Tuesday, June 15, 2021 ·

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