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Vanjaro: A new User Experience for DNN

Written By Mandeep Singh

I'm happy to announce that Vanjaro is officially released. What started as a proof of concept quickly spiraled into a much larger project over the last 2 years. It is open source and free forever; a giveback to the community from the team of Mandeeps.com

Vanjaro is available as a DNN Extension; however, it's much more than an extension and completely transforms the User Experience. It replaces the entire UI in DNN; not just the persona bar and all its extensions but even the core approach of building a page with modules. There is no CK Editor or any other Rich Text Editor either.

An integrated designer and editor make it drag and drop easy to create content. Pages are made of individual blocks and apps (DNN Modules) in a visual canvas. Staging & Versioning automatically saves content for staging and maintains revisions for history and rollback. Workflows & Approvals allows content editors and managers to track, manage, and approve content throughout the publishing process using a custom workflow. An integrated experience makes it easy to maintain a multilingual site without the need for additional modules or extensions. Digital Asset Management allows admins to create, manage, search, and protect digital assets from within the platform.

Vanjaro also integrates with many 3rd party services for royalty free images & videos. It's easy to search and automatically download assets. Vanjaro automatically creates performance optimized multiple versions of the assets including webP images. A YouTube integration makes it easy to add videos. A built-in image editor makes it easy to crop, flip, rotate, add text, add shapes, and add filters to images.

Vanjaro is extremely feature rich and provides a completely integrated experience. The core focus is on ease of use, performance, accessibility, extensibility, scalability, security, and internationalization.

It’s easy to run in a hybrid mode and keep your existing site and pages as it is. It's your choice to create new pages with Vanjaro, migrate existing ones, or continue to use native DNN features.

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This is a great contribution to the community. I hope it will last a long time. Thank you very much for thinking DNN in a different way, and all the best!
Monday, August 9, 2021 ·
Thank you for the contribution. This looks like an excellent step forward, look forward to trying it out.
Friday, August 27, 2021 ·

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