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Why you should use Tailwind CSS

Written By Aaron Lopez

This is crossposted from my blog at Wolf X Machina: https://wolfxmachina.com/blog/category/video/why-you-should-use-tailwind-css

Tailwind CSS is such a big topic in its own right that I thought I would just jump in to show you some of the basics. For these first videos, what I'm mostly focusing on is this:

  1. The speed at which I'm able to develop components and how that's possible (hint: no naming things, no switching to a CSS file, being able to freely reuse components)
  2. CSS file size and how Tailwind stays small
  3. How the framework helps make desigs even more polished

Why Use Tailwind: Part 1

Why Use Tailwind: Part 2

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This is sooo impressive to watch, thank you!!
Friday, December 3, 2021 ·

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