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Quick & Easy Way to Figure Out Your Web API Routes in DNN

Written By Will Strohl

A very common question in recent years relates to how people are building their various DNN extensions these days.  Most often, new extensions and development are using various techniques and frameworks to present features using a SPA approach.  Whether the chosen tools include Angular, Vue, or something else, it makes sense.  End-users are more engaged when the page doesn't fully reload.  However, if you're the developer building this - and especially if you're not a seasoned pro, your first obstacle will undoubtedly be whether or not you know your API endpoint path.  This post will hopefully help you figure that out.  

A while ago in the DNN community, one of DNN's co-founders (Joe Brinkman) wrote a very useful module/utility that wraps a tool called Glimpse, and it helps developers to know all kinds of useful details about their website - including registered API routes.  That's what we're going to focus on right now.  

Oh, and massive thanks to Brian Dukes for continuing to update this extension for the community to benefit from!

Using this tool for this purpose is extremely easy and fast.  Just install it like any other extension, then add it to a page like any other module.  From there, you just enable it and reload the page.  If you want to inspect the API routes, just click on the big "G" and you'll see your routes.  The video below will illustrate this for you.  

Right now, the most current release is 1.1, and it is open-source, so you can find it on GitHub.  I recommend you get to know this extension and keep it in mind for your own "DNN toolbox."  

Download dnnGlimpse

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