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Upendo DNN Page Manager 1.1.1 Released

Written By Will Strohl

We're very excited to announce that version 01.01.01 of the Upendo DNN Page Manager module has been released.  While there have certainly been several releases over the past handful of months, this release marks a significant milestone for me.  This is the first release where the current feature set represents the features I had in mind for the first release. Now, you get to learn what got released this time... 

The Upendo DNN Page Manager has a single goal - to make page management easier for non-Adminstrators in DNN. This means ensuring that there is a graphically usable user experience, but one that caters to non-technical interests and tasks... Namely, our marketing and content editor brothers and sisters.   

That goal by itself is good enough, I think, but this module was also built using contemporary SPA approaches and has been built using Angular.  
Now, this release expands on that goal by bringing the following updates to everyone. 

Toggling the search index from the Upendo DNN Page Manager

You're now able to easily filter the list of pages by whether the pages are missing metadata.  Metadata can include page's title, description, and keywords.  This makes it super-easy for SEO experts to find pages and potentially resolve some SEO issues immediately, or at least faster. 

Previously, you could only tell if a page was set to be indexed or not.  Now, the icon for this has not only been fixed as a bug fix, but you can also toggle whether or not the page is going to be indexed by search engines, simply by double-clicking the icon for it.  

We also resolved a small number of other bugs that include both related bugs and others too small in impact to mention.  

Download the Upendo DNN Page Manager

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