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OpenContent Templates for Mandeeps Porto Theme

Written By Will Strohl

Happy DNN Summit day, everyone! We hope you're having an awesome time at the DNN Summit conference today and tomorrow. Our team is split among still working, but a handful are there with you. This year, in celebration of our epic DNN CMS 20th anniversary and the conference itself, we wanted to something special for all of you. So, we've spent a ton of time working on some open-source stuff, starting with this project...  

What is Mandeeps Porto?  

Simply put, Porto is one of the most popular commercial options for a theme in the DNN store. It consistently ranks as one of the top-selling themes. We've even used it a number of times. This theme is quite large, as some of you might expect, because it's targeted at small businesses and non-technical people that really just need to have all of the options.  

So, Porto is - in a way - also a development platform to some degree, like DNN itself. Only, you'll be developing content and layout with Porto. Mandeep and this team at Mandeeps.com have done a great job with this theme.  

Learn more about Mandeeps and Porto

What is OpenContent?

OpenContent is one of a handful of good options for you to use when deploying complex content, application-bound content templates, and other structured content use cases. In short, it helps technical and non-technical people to build out compelling and engaging content that anyone can manage.  

Learn more about OpenContent

OpenContent Templates for Porto

Now that we all know what Porto and OpenContent are, we are beyond excited to announce that we've been working on an open-source repo that's full of strcutured content templates for anyone to use with both solutions. Yep!  

This means, that for no extra cost, you can have and use all of those awesome shortcodes in the theme without dealing with the HTML module and without having to figure them out.  

All you need to do to use the templates for your own OpenContent instances is to update the module settings to include these templates.  

By default, the module already comes with a large number of templates for you to use.  

Now, let's add these new ones... 

When you're in the module's Global Settings, just add the value below (including the comma).


Once you save this setting, you'll now be able to choose from any one of the nearly 50 additional templates to help you and your team build out an amazing website experience on your own DNN-based websites.

From here, you can use the templates as-is, or use them as starting points for your own content projects.  

View the OpenContentTemplates project

Who says commercial and open-source can't exist together? :grin:  

By the way, we've also been working hard on updates for new release for the projects below: 

We hope you enjoy this birthday gift to the community... Happy DNN-ing!  

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Cool thank you for this great contribution to the community!
Thursday, February 9, 2023 ·

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