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Great news for DNN designers and developers!

Written By Clay N.

The issues with the Dnn Elements demo site have finally been resolved, and the site is now accessible for users at https://dnncommunity.github.io/dnn-elements.

For those unfamiliar, dnn-elements is an open-source library of UI components designed to be easily used with DNN Platform and extensions within. It's an essential tool for developers and designers who want to create custom websites and applications that use DNN Platform.

Recently, the Storybook demo site faced issues that prevented the UI designs, component implementations, and "playground" from working correctly. But the good news is that David Poindexter and Daniel Valadas have resolved the problems.

Visit the Dnn Elements site and take advantage of this extensive library of standards-based pure web components to enhance your UI/UX for DNN projects.  The entire library of web components is open source and available freely on GitHub at https://github.com/DNNCommunity/dnn-elements.  

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Thank you Clay for posting this. dnn-elements is a great and exciting initiative. In many ways, it is what was hoped for with the DNN React Common library, yet this time it is dependent on no framework at all, and is honestly agnostic (it can work without or with any framework). Many web components from dnn-elements were leveraged to create the new and highly-acclaimed Resource Manager within DNN. If you haven't checked that out, download and install/upgrade to DNN 9.11.1 today to see it in action! Over the coming months, I hope to create more content as it relates to dnn-elements and some of these newer development patterns for the DNN Community to leverage!
Sunday, February 26, 2023 ·

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