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OpenContent Templates for Mandeeps' Porto Theme

Written By Will Strohl

If you haven't been in the DNN ecosystem long, you may not know that one of the most popular themes you can buy is the Porto theme, by Mandeeps. And there are two prominent structured content solutions out there, including an open-source one known as OpenContent. Both are very popular and flexible solutions that I'd recommend to anyone that needs either. However, we have news about both...

Mandeeps Porto Theme

When we come across clients without the budget for building a custom theme, the Porto theme is our go-to solution for such clients. It includes everything you need, and more, acting as something of a development platform itself. It is built on Bootstrap and includes a ton of code snippets, called shortcodes, that help a content editor to create dynamic, interactive, and stylized content. It's simply amazing for someone who's not a web design themselves... They look like a hero to their boss, for sure.  

Learn More About Mandeeps' Porto


While there are still people using the HTML module for content, structured content has long been the answer for any website owner that needs/wants content created and maintained on their website in a way that's consistent and doesn't allow people to "break" the website.  

As an example, it's way too easy for someone to edit the HTML content in the HTML module, and instantly lose all of the custom HTML structure. This often results in a website layout that appears to be broken - if nowhere else, when viewed on mobile devices. Structured content is the primary way to ensure all of the bad things don't happen. We love to use OpenContent for this purpose. It's close to the metal, and you can build tons of mini-apps and complicated content scenarios that would otherwise require a custom module to be built.  

Learn More About OpenContent

FREE Open-Source Structured Content Templates

Our team at Upendo Ventures has been working hard on providing our tools to you, so you too can have a quicker & easier time building content for your various websites. In our repository, you'll find a template for EVERY shortcode in Mandeeps' Porto theme. Yes... EVERY shortcode. Some don't really require a template, but the templates are also an awesome starting point to copy and create your own template based on it. 

We also included some templates that we commonly use, but we'll be adding more and more as time goes on.  

Go To the OpenContent Templates by Upendo Ventures

What Does This Mean for You?

If you're using DNN and need structured content, you may already know that OpenContent already comes with a repository of common templates you may need. Some are quite dated, but they're still a great starting point for your own work. However, you can also add multiple sources for templates to show up in your module.  

The README on our repository will help you learn the few steps it takes to get these templates to show up in your own environment.  


We're so excited to share this news with you...  

Please feel free to use the templates and maybe even add your own as a pull request, if you wish. We're excited to see and hear all of the cool things you've built with these templates!  

I hope to see you at DNN Connect tomorrow. Happy DNN'ing!

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