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Upendo DNN Generator 1.7 Brings More Templates to You

Written By Will Strohl

It's been a little while since we released a public update for the Upendo DNN Generator tool we use to build modules for clients and ourselves. (We got busy.) When I originally began working on it, my vision was to have a template for each kind of extension, and this release brings us a lot closer to that vision! 

What is Upendo DNN Generator?

Simply put, this is a command-line tool that helps DNN developers get started quickly to build nearly any DNN extension. It creates all of the necessary folders and files. All you need to do is open your new project and get started writing code.  

It also helps by adding numerous time-saving features to help with debugging, maintaining references, and automating the packaging process.  

Upendo DNN Generator 1.7.1 Features

This release primarily focused on two things, updating the underlying references to be more current, and adding some new templates for you to use.  

Among the templates we've added are:  

  • Authentication Provider
  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • VueJS

The dependency updates were not really updates that will directly impact your development, but are necessary just the same. Many of these underlying tools that help the generator run were outdated, and some of them had security bulletins. There wasn't really anything to be concerned about for yourself, but it looked bad to see them in GitHub, of course. Also, this update will allow for many more potential updates in the future.  

Well, this blog post is pretty short, considering the amount of effort that went into this release. So, now it's time for you to go and build your next DNN extension!  

Upendo DNN Generator on GitHub - Go here if you want to see the code, help build something, report bugs, or ask for a new feature.  

Upendo DNN Generator on NPMJS - This is where you can go to see the generator in NPM, but you most likely just need to open a command prompt. 

Just in case you haven't seen it in action yet, the video below shows you everything you need to know, but was made before this release.   

Good luck building your next DNN extension!  

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