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The second DNN-Connect Brown Paper Session

Written By Stefan Kamphuis (40F)

Just over a week ago we wrapped up the 2024 DNN-Connect conference in Champéry, Switzerland. One of the sessions we had on the agenda, was this year's Brown Paper Session. Pretty much a sequal to the one from last year.

The setup basically was the same as last year, with the exception that we already had some leftovers from last year to begin with. Want to read more about what the session approach was like? Check out my blog post from last year, please.

This year's main topic were:

  • Aministration
  • Community Marketing
  • Design/UI
  • Developer Experience
  • Building commitment (to the discussed topics)

To be able to post them here, I made a picture of each of the main topics of the brown paper. Most should be readable. The green dots represent votes by the group. Green memo's with a name indicate the person who volunteered for that topic. Forum topic have been created for the topics we had a volunteer for, but please do feel free to take up any of the other topics. We'd love to be involved here, so please do let us know what you're up to.