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Assets for everyone (repost from corp)

Written By Tycho de Waard (SU)

As I started my career in 2000 working for a large non profit organization, I had to deal with a complex organization. Dozens of project teams, focus groups and task forces. And not just within our own organization, also as member of initiatives with other NGO's and the federal government. Our department (Online communication) was not just facilitating the website and CMS but also trying to have 40 editors to comply with our company house style. ... If I only had a CMS like DNN back then...

How would I take this on today?

First of all, every group/team/initiative would be added as a website within DNN. Of course, you need to embed this within your company processes to ensure this is done. But the math is pretty simple. It would have saved about 15 suppliers, 10 different content management systems and who knows how much costs regarding hosting, support,upgrades etc. For most of us this is nothing new but...

Second of all the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) would become my new best friend. The hidden gem for me was that the DAM is a module. Again this is nothing new but what I did not realize at first is what that means. You can add the module anywhere on your website(s). Configuring this correctly you can use it to offer any project team, initiative or a company department to store or just display their files. 

What you need to do:

  1. Create a page, if neeeded with correct persmissions for your use case
  2. Add the DAM
  3. Go to the settings of the DAM
  4. Set view condition - Filter by folder
  5. Select the folder that you like to be the 'root'
  6. Create a secure folder. More about folder types in the Wiki: https://www.dnnsoftware.com/wiki/file-management
  7. Right click on the folder, select the desired permissions. For instance, anyone can view but only Marketing can upload (write).

You have now a setup where you could have your HR department upload their job openings, a project team upload their documents and share them on their project team site etc.

Noteworthy addition of Sebastian Leupold:
If you have additional requirements, it might be worth having a look at (commercial) modules from Evotiva: GlobalStorage adds folder providers to DAM, allowing you to access files in folders on a UNC path (e.g. local file server in your organization), or in the cloud (Azure, Amazon, …) and UserFiles module allows you to style file lists as you need and even create previews of PDF-Files on the fly.

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