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DNN Summit 2021 Gold Sponsor: Iowa Computer Gurus

Written By Will Strohl

DNN Summit 2021 Gold Sponsor: Iowa Computer Gurus

This is the first in a series of blog posts and interviews with Gold Sponsors of the upcoming DNN Summit 2021 conference. In this interview, we speak to Mitchel Sellers of Iowa Computer Gurus. He gives us the goods on the event, what you can expect from the event, and he also introduces us to his company.  

I'm very honored to have interviewed Mitchel Sellers about his company and why they have chosen to support DNN Summit 2021.  

About Iowa Computer Gurus

Iowa Computer Gurus (ICG) is a team of some of the best full-stack technical professionals from the Midwest and around the world. From the top-down, they’re committed to creating great technology solutions that deliver superior quality, security, performance, and exceptional service. ICG has been using DNN pretty much since the beginning.  

Call for Speakers

If you're interested in spreading your knowledge of DNN, please submit your session soon. The call for speakers is already launched and your window is closing fast!

Register to Attend

Don't forget to register for DNN Summit 2021 before December 17, 2020. The $99/person early bird price tag is the best value you can get for DNN knowledge, ever. If ever your boss was going to approve your fee to attend a DNN conference, this is the time.  

This blog post is cross-posted from my personal blog.  

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