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DNN Summit 2021 Gold Sponsor: 10 Pound Gorilla

Written By Will Strohl

DNN Summit 2021 Gold Sponsor: 10 Pound Gorilla

This is the third in a series of blog posts and interviews with Gold Sponsors of the upcoming DNN Summit 2021 conference. In this interview, we speak to Cassidi Peterson of 10 Pound Gorilla. It's always a fun time to chat with Cassidi and she always makes my interviews easy.  

I'm very honored to have interviewed Cassidi about her company and why they have chosen to support DNN Summit 2021.  

About 10 Pound Gorilla

We intentionally stay small to deliver superior results. Unlike other agencies, we believe each client and each aspect of a project deserves the best. When you hire 10 Pound Gorilla, you can expect to work with a seasoned expert. We are the Navy SEALs of Web Development and Internet Marketing. At 10 Pound Gorilla, we cut out the bottom tier and middle man to ensure you're working with the best. Our entire team is committed to each project. You will receive clear communication, top-notch execution and the best value and results per dollar spent.   

Call for Speakers

Whoops!  You missed it... Sorry! Stay tuned to find out who's speaking.

Register to Attend

Don't forget to register for DNN Summit 2021 before December 17, 2020. The $99/person early bird price tag is the best value you can get for DNN knowledge, ever. If ever your boss was going to approve your fee to attend a DNN conference, this is the time.  

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