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DNN TAG Meeting May 21st 2019

Written By Daniel Valadas

The DNN Technology Ecosystem Advisory Group continues to meet on a weekly basis mapping out the future of DNN. The meeting agenda and minutes are shared here in blog entries so that everyone can see the progress being made and conversations occurring in the group.

Dnn Technology Advisory Group

Meeting Agenda
Date: May 21st, 2019
Time: 3PM EST

Participants: Mitchel Sellers, Matt Rutledge, Brian Dukes, John Cornelison, Stefan Kamphuis, Peter Donker, Mike Smeltzer, Sebastian Leupold, Daniel Aguilera, Oliver Hine
  • 9.4.0 Release
    Fixed build issues, need final tests before RC0
    Localization regression bug caused by (we need to revert and push this fix to Dnn 10 )
    Also an issue with Async and Thread Culture (We are pushing Async to Dnn 10 to give us time to do this right as for localization issues).
  • Upcoming Releases: New Proposal?
    • 9.4.0 - Planning RC0 today if possible
    • 10.x Alpha - 1 week after 9.4.0 (For breaking changes)
      Localization issue fix for PR2456 and Async implemented without breaking localization
    • 10.0.0 - Q4 2019 (Maybe earlier?)
      Emphasis - API Cleanup and Separation of Concerns
      Features - Cloud Support
    • 10.1.0 - Q1 2020
      Emphasis - Stability/Fixes
    • 10.2.0 - Q2 2020 - LTS Version (Could be 11?)
      Emphasis - Stability/Fixes/.NET Core Prep
    • 12.0.0 - Q3 or Q4 2020 - Big API Break
      • Separation of concerns
      • Usage of Dependency Injection
      • Streamlined API
      • Ready for .NET Core?
  • DNN Upgrade Service
    New service implementation is out there, will be transitioned to as part of the 9.4.1 Release (Most Likely) - https://www.dnnsoftware.com/community-blog/cid/156713/dnn-platform-update-service
  • DNN Improvement Program?
    Let it die?
  • Language Pack Delivery
    Working on a plan for this, Mitchel requested the language packs, we need at the very minimum to have them available to download and document where to get them.
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