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DNN Summit 2020 Contest Winner

Written By Will Strohl

Upendo Ventures: I Upendo DNN Contest

We try to have a contest for any event we're involved in. It helps add another level of fun, and in the case of DNN, it helps us to drive some more community engagement. We're here to not only help promote the software that still makes up the core of our business, but also to keep things fun and light-hearted.

We were a part DNN Summit 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Our event occurred just before COVID shut everything down. Literally within a few weeks of it actually. We were very lucky.

Upendo Ventures: DNN Summit contest banner close-up

During this event, we held a promotion where we asked attendees to pose in front of an #IUpendoDNN banner and then include the caption on their favorite social network, telling the world what they love the most about DNN.

There were many entries, but we could only accept one. Also, our apologies for the delayed announcement, but we were waiting for a certain someone to release the event photographs. *Ahem* But I digress...

We're very excited to announce that DNN Summit 2020's contest winner is Alessandra Davies, also known as DNNDiva! Thank you so much for your continued passion and contributions to the DNN community.

Now, for the next contest... ;)

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Thank you! It is a pleasure to be part on the DNN Community. =D
Tuesday, March 2, 2021 ·

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