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CloudFlare + DNN - SouthernFried DNN's April Meeting

Written By Moore Creative

At this month's Southern Fried DNN meeting, Ryan Moore and David Weinstein lead a discussion about the uses of CloudFlare for DNN sites. Ryan introduces CloudFlare concepts and a look at CloudFlare SSL pros/cons and setup steps, individual CloudFlare settings, and the Cloudflare rules which benefit DNN sites. David discusses using CloudFlare for disaster recovery and migration scenarios.

About the Speakers:

Ryan Moore - DNN MVP - DNN Integrator - XModPro Pro, SouthernFried DNN User Group, DNNSummit & More

Moore Creative works with a range of industries from state and international government, corporations such as Lowe's, Rubbermaid, Bombardier to small/local companies such as local NASCAR heavyweight Hendrick Motorsports. MC uses DNN as an application development platform to create powerful, customized solutions for client sites. Using tools such as XMod Pro, Hotcakes, and DNN APIs to produce complex integrations with external systems and business processes, Moore Creative loves working within DNN!

Be sure to ask Ryan about snorkeling with sharks, an award-winning George Lucas figure, or that tarantula in Belize.


David Weinstein - DNN Integrator and Administrator

David Weinstein is the CTO of OAExperts, Inc., delivering global solutions to the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical industries for over 30 years. David is also a principal with Vector Wellness, Inc., a health and wellness solutions company that delivers patient-centered health coaching solutions to the hospital and corporate wellness markets. Previously, he served as the Director of Data Analytics for a Clinical Research organization.

David is skilled at developing and implementing enterprise-scale technologies, delivering superior customer service, and providing project management of various data management, clinical, and financial systems.


DNN BUZZ - Meeting Links and topics this month:

  • Southern Fried DNN > Blog - Ryan announced that the Southern Fried DNN User Group will begin a trial of alternating times for the monthly meetings to allow our European friends to join live meetings. Stay tuned for announcements for the updated times for the next meetings.
  • DNN Open Source Community > Resources > Blogs - There were no new blog posts in the DNN Community site this month...
  • Slack - But there was plenty of conversation going on in the DNN Slack Open Help workspace. Questions and contributions from Joeseph Craig lead directly to new feature inclusion in the recently released DNN 9.9.1.
  • Release v9.9.1 · dnnsoftware/Dnn.Platform · GitHub - The latest release of DNN 9.9.1 includes two new features, one of which is better Site Groups management within the interface for adding a module from another Portal onto a page. 

Introductions to CloudFlare and Key Features for DNN:

David Weinstein Discusses CloudFlare for Disaster Recovery:

DNN Cloudflare Tips and Tricks

David Weinstein presented several tools and uses of CloudFlare features to be used as part of a broader Disaster Recovery Plan. This included picking an external host such as LightEdge who bundles paid tools such as Zerto with their hosting accounts. With Zerto managing replication and healthcheck monitoring and featrures from CloudFlare, Dave is able to achieve a smooth system of replicated sites ready for cutover at a moment's notice!

Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group April 2021 Meeting:


Southern Fried DNN User Group
The Southern Fried DNN User Group is YOUR user group for the DNN Community!

Southern Fried (SoFri) meets monthly to covers DNN topics from the DNN community. Join us for roundtable discussions, speakers and presentations from development and technology to Module vendors and new ideas!

SoFri meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM Eastern



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