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April 2020 DNN User Group Session

Written By Moore Creative

Published on Apr 21, 2016

Intelligent user interfaces are fast becoming the norm in mobile and web applications. Machine Learning technology now gives apps the ability to learn from past user behavior or data, then make predictions to improve their user experience. In this session, you will get an introduction to Machine Learning and see an end-to-end example of loading data, creating a model, training, creating a web service and finally, using the service. The intro will use Azure Machine Learning, but the concepts are portable to other ML cloud services. The session will wrap-up with ideas for how to improve the audience experience for your DNN portal using machine learning.

About Nik Kalyani

Nik Kalyani is a long-time entrepreneur and an avid Open Source and public education proponent. He is co-founder of WhenHub, a platform that makes it easy to curate, share and visualize date/time-based information. Previously, Kalyani co-founded DNN Corp. (http://www.dnncorp.com) and founded iWidgets.com, both venture-funded companies. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and advisor to several startups, Kalyani volunteers to teach kids coding through regular sessions at CoderDojo and Mountain View public schools, and is on a mission to end the gender imbalance in technology. Walkstarter (https://www.walkstarter.org), a platform he created, has helped schools raise $400K in funding through walkathons. In recognition of his community contributions, Kalyani has been awarded Microsoft’s “Most Valuable Professional” Award for the past eleven years. Kalyani lives in Mountain View, California with his wife and two daughters where he tries to avoid being stuck behind a Google self-driving car in traffic. He is @techbubble on Twitter and blogs at http://www.kalyani.com


If you missed DNNCon that was in Baltimore the beginning of this month, then here's your chance to catch up. Maybe you attended and are just now getting back to some of those inspiring session ideas and need references from the speakers? This week's Southern Fried DNN is everyone's chance to catch up on convention activities, buzz and more! Please be sure to join us in person or online!



• Socialize (6:30pm - 7:00pm)

• Welcome

• Sponsor Recognition

• Community Buzz & Announcements

• Presentation: Machine Learning QuickStart (Nik Kalyani)

• DNNCon Highlights

• Giveaways!


Join Us

Even though our DNN user group is nestled in the Carolinas, we are really YOUR DNN User Group regardless of your Southern heritage or lack thereof. Everyone is invited to attend in person or to join us online! We always try to broadcast the meeting via GoToMeeting so everyone can participate. Below are the GoToMeeting details for those of you wanting to join online.

Southern Fried DNN User Group

The Southern Fried DNN User Group is YOUR user group for the DNN Community!

Southern Fried (SoFri) meets monthly to covers DNN topics from the DNN community. Join us for roundtable discussions, speakers and presentations from development and technology to Module vendors and new ideas!

SoFri meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM Eastern



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