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SoFri April Meeting - DNN Good Practices - DNN Instances, Security, Backups and Hosting

Written By Moore Creative

April 2020 Southern Fried DNN User Group Presentation

Ryan Moore leads a review of common sense, good practices relating to care for DNN instances. This will include backup practices, updates, upgrades, and more.

The following sites, links, pages and references were used during the meeting. Dive into the list of links below for more information.




May SoFri Meeting : May 21st!


Southern Fried DNN User Group

The Southern Fried DNN User Group is YOUR user group for the DNN Community!

Southern Fried (SoFri) meets monthly to covers DNN topics from the DNN community. Join us for roundtable discussions, speakers and presentations from development and technology to Module vendors and new ideas!

SoFri meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM Eastern



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