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Jan 2021 SoFri - The Abundance Principle - DNN Open Help

Written By Moore Creative

Need some help with anything related to DNN? Where do you find help and answers from the DNN Community?

Well, in the January 2021 Southern Fried DNN User Group meeting, we tackled that topic! We encouraged everyone to bring their questions (and answers) to this meetup and we would help each other out!

During this user group meeting, we both dove in to questions and helped review information about the Slack help workspace created by Aderson Olivera. The DNN Open Help began with "open Fridays" where DNN'ers and MVPs would get together to help support weekly questions. As the workspace members grew, that expanded to pretty much constant support from the community and now the Slack workspace is a great place to ask quick questions and get suggestions, tips and answers.

Our community has always thrived on this principle of abundance, giving back, helping others, sharing ideas and code. The Slack workspace is a perfect example of the DNN Community helping and supporting each other.

Watch the SoFri meeting video to hear more about the DNN Open Help Slack workspace and see the questions we tackled which were taken directly from people's posts within Slack!

Meeting Links:

Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group Jan 2021 Meeting:


Southern Fried DNN User Group
The Southern Fried DNN User Group is YOUR user group for the DNN Community!

Southern Fried (SoFri) meets monthly to covers DNN topics from the DNN community. Join us for roundtable discussions, speakers and presentations from development and technology to Module vendors and new ideas!

SoFri meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM Eastern



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