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    Hello Everyone: 

    If you're at DNN-Connect right now, you already know this is coming...  I'm very proud and excited to announce that the first release candidate is ready for you all to test.  While there are 90 different updates called out in the release notes, I think we were actually maybe triple that in terms of effort. 

    You may notice a theme in this update, too.  There are a lot of tasks completed by the honorable John Henley.  For this reason, I'm code-naming this release as "The John Henley Release.'  (I'm sure he's going to give me some grief for that, once he sees this!)  🤣 

    Quick Links:

    I do want to be sure to call out a couple of very important highlights ahead of time, though.  

    New Bootstrap 4 & 5 Forum Theme

    Please be sure to test this and report any issues you may find. It's a brand-new feature!

    If you are using a Bootstrap 3 theme - including DNN Xcilliin - use the community-default theme rather than the community-bootstrap theme

    New Languages Added!

    Dutch already had a language pack, but now there are language packs for German, French, Spanish, and Italian. They were generated though, so we could use your help from the community to make sure the translations are indeed accurate.

    We recommend that you use Peter Donker's translation software (below) to make things easier for you.

    Thank you!

    I want to take a moment to thank John Henley and Timo Breumelhof.  They did so much of the heavy lifting in this release, and they're simply a pleasure to work with. I'm very honored to be a part of the Community Fourms module team.  

    And, I'd like to thank YOU.  That's right.  Even reading this forum post is helpful.  I'm also hoping you'll take the time to test any of the features that are important to you and/or your clients.  Please report them ASAP

    If we don't hear of any show-stoppers, we'll be releasing this module in a couple of weeks.

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      Awesomeness 🎉🎉🎉

      David Poindexter


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        Will I've started the review on the spanish translation and found a couple issues. Will be reporting them on Github
        Vicenç Masanas
        Disgrafic ITec SL Banyoles - Spain

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          A huge thanks to both John Henley and Will Strohl on this, I know the amount of effort was huge (jurdging by all my github notifications), You guys are RockStars! I am still in the middle of travels after DNN Connect but I'll try to take a look at the french language when I get back home...

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            Great news! Thank you guys. 

            Ing. Marco Alvarado Gómez MSc | Globalode
            Phone. +506 6049-1880 | WhatsApp. +506 6049-1880 | Email. [email protected]
            Address. Costa Rica (A Pura Vida place!).

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                Posted By Daniel Valadas on 6/10/2024 5:12 PM
                French translation submitted https://github.com/DNNCom...unityForums/pull/858


                David Poindexter


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                  Posted By Daniel Valadas on 6/10/2024 11:12 PM
                  French translation submitted https://github.com/DNNCom...unityForums/pull/858

                  Merci beaucoup ! :-)


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                    Hello Everyone...  HUGE thanks to the people who helped with the new language packs.  Here's the next release candidate that includes those updates, as well as a number of UI and UX fixes.  

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