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Exception installing fails with Null Reference exception

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    I'm in the process of exploring replacing my current blogging solution with DNN but installing the 2sxcApp_Blog_6.1.0.zip extension on a fresh install of DNN 9.13.01.

    1. After I drag and drop the zip file, I get "Zip File Upload Failed"
    2. Clicking on "View Error Log" displays:
      "An unknown error has occured. Please check your installation zip file and try again.
      Common issues with bad installation files:
      * Zip file size is too large, check your IIS settings for max upload file size.
      * Missing resources in the zip file.
      * Invalid files in the package.
      * File extension is not .zip.
      * Check that you are logged in.
    3. Looking at the network traffic in the dev tools shows a 500 response from /dnn/API/PersonaBar/Extensions/ParsePackage.
    4. The preview pane for /dnn/API/PersonaBar/Extensions/ParsePackage shows the common ASP.Net error page, "Object not set to an instance of an object."

    Stack trace:

    [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]
       DotNetNuke.Services.Installer.Util.IsFileValid(InstallFile file, String packageWhiteList) +105
       DotNetNuke.Services.Installer.InstallerInfo.<get_HasValidFiles>b__6_0(InstallFile file) +18
       System.Linq.Enumerable.Any(IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate) +169
       DotNetNuke.Services.Installer.InstallerInfo.get_HasValidFiles() +137
       Dnn.PersonaBar.Extensions.Components.InstallController.ParsePackage(PortalSettings portalSettings, UserInfo user, String filePath, Stream stream) +477
       Dnn.PersonaBar.Extensions.Services.<>c__DisplayClass42_1.<UploadFileAction>b__1(Object state) +46
       System.Web.Util.SynchronizationHelper.SafeWrapCallback(Action action) +108

    This is running on Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019.

    Thank you!

    Veteran Member

      It sounds like you are trying to install the Blog extension without the rest of 2SXC. If you start with the generic extension on https://github.com/2sic/2...eases/tag/v16.07.00, after installation, you'll find 2SXC apps and 2SXC content. If you drop the 2SXC Apps extension on a page, you'll be asked what apps you wish to install. Among them is the Blog app.
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        In regards to Tycho's guidance, here are some docs and details that should help. There is a lot of advanced stuff on these pages, stick to the basics. Get the 2sxc module installed. The add an App (not Content) to the page. You should see the available Default Apps (be patient, there are a lot and it can take 20+ seconds for the page to update nowadays).

        Install 2sxc App - Default Apps - https://azing.org/2sxc/r/CClTKN6K
        Install 2sxc App - Manually - https://azing.org/2sxc/r/j4hYUXc3
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