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POST is not coming to .ashx

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    Initial description:

    • DNN with 2 portals: ID = 1 and 2 with URL1 and URL2  , user myuser123 located in portal Id = 2
    • SSO.ashx handler processing SSO POST requests. All requests coming to URL1, and request body contains uername = "myuser123"
    • In SSO.ashx, code executes SSO: Loging user "myuser123" to portal Id = 2 and redirection to URL2

    Results: 1st requests works properly, 2nd request (the same) is not working because GET coming to SSO.ashx, not POST ; 3rd requests works prperly as 1st; 4th request coming with GET as 2nd and so on. It doesn't matter if you close browser before next request or not. and problem related to authentication cookie   

    Last resonse from GitHub:

    If I am not mistaken, the authentication cookie is valid for the authenticated portal alias. I think the proper way for this use case is to setup portal groups and then you get a single authentication domain for multiple portals. Unfortunately, there is currently no UI to manage portal groups. https://github.com/SCullman I am closing this issue and recommend discussing this special case in the new forums https://dnncommunity.org/forums if discussions end up to being a bug in the platform please open a new issue with very clear steps and/or code sample to reproduce.

    My response:

    'portal groups' may serve as a work around, but basically it creates security breach. Here are my statements

    • User exists only in one portal and should be authentivated only in this portal
    • If request POST sent to SSO.ashx, request POST should be coming to SSO.ashx regardless, with no precodtition... but it's not working this way: GET coming not POST 

     I think this explanation is straight forward, but let me know if coding details required.

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      please be aware that cookies refer to a domain, not a DNN website. if your are having child sites, they will inherit the login cookie, AFAIR.

      New Around Here

        Yes this is correct, cookies refer to a domain and domain is the same for both portals.

        Unfortunately it doesn’t help to resolve the problem.

        Common expectations: if request POST sent to handler URL, request POST should arrive to the handler.

        In reality 2nd, 4th, 6th … requests arrive as GET.

        Only going to technicalities I can see that during 2nd, 4th, 6th … request LOGIN COOKIE destroyed (i.e. logout simulated), error thrown and GET coming to the handler.

        What kind of reasonable explanation can prove that it is not a bug.

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          ASHX files can be quite dangerous and expose your application to "bad actors" out there. Have you considered using a more service-based or authentication provider approach instead?
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