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Browser language detection broken after upgrade

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New Around Here

    Hello, I have upgrade a website from 9.2 to 9.11 and  now the detection of browser language is not done anymore if portal alias is not correct. I am able to reproduce issue 100% by downloading clean install of both versions from github. 

    Step to reproduce : 

    • Create Website normally
    • Add a new language
    • Allow LocalizedContent, Enable Localized Content, Enable Browser Language Detection
    • Make the home page available for both default and new language
    • Go to Site Behavior -> Site aliases and unassign primary site alias without language (to force people having the language in the url)
    • Open incognito tab and browse home page (without any language in the url)

    In 9.2 we were redirect to browser language, in 9.11 users are redirected to the default system language. 

    Thanks in advance

    Veteran Member

      If this is a reproducable bug, you should document it here:

      Issues · dnnsoftware/Dnn.Platform · GitHub

      Happy DNNing!


      Michael Tobisch

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        Did you also try this in a Private Browser window?
        Browsers are notorious for caching 301 redirects..

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          Have you double check that everything looks okay in section "Site Settings -> Site Aliases"?

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          New Around Here

            Thanks for your answers.

            Did you also try this in a Private Browser window?

            Yes I tryed private mode and even others browsers. As mentionned we are able to reproduce it 100% even from clean configuration by creating a DNN website.

            Have you double check that everything looks okay in section "Site Settings -> Site Aliases"?

            What do you mean by "everything looks okay". Because yes everything is supposed to be okay

            Senior Member

              We can't quite answer you intelligently about whether or not your Site Aliases look okay or not.  That's something that only you can know. 

              In general, you should only ever have the URLs that the site should respond to, and only one as a primary domain name.  The rest should be redirects/rewrites or deleted altogether.  

              New Around Here

                I am having a similar issue. I just upgraded to 9.10.2 and I only have one site that is localized. That one site in my testing environment, that is running 9.10.2, works fine and sets the language cookie and all things that depend on the cookie changes like it should. In my production site the language cookie isn't being set, it remains null, so things that are built into the skin that depend on the cookie doesn't translate.

                Site aliases look ok and the site responds to all the aliases, though not all of them have a language associated with them, only the specific localized URLs. The base URLs I don't have the language set for them.

                Veteran Member

                  And the production site is the same DNN version?

                  Growing Member

                    check for differences in your IIS configuration

                    this might be relevant?... https://www.itnota.com/en...ttponly-cookies-iis/


                    New Around Here

                      Yes both test and production sites use the same version.

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