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Configuring a load balancer for DNN

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Growing Member

    It's been a while since I haven't configured DNN on a load balancer scenario, actually the last time it was on Evoq, but looooong ago.

    Is there any documentation, guide, todo, ... on best practices on how to do this? any extensions required? suggested?


    Vicenç Masanas
    Disgrafic ITec SL Banyoles - Spain

    Veteran Member

      Vicenç - you may find this document helpful:


      David Poindexter


      Growing Member

        Hi David, yes I remember about this document. I used it in the past.
        But this was for DNN Evoq product and required some bits and pieces that were not available at the moment on DNN Platform.
        And I think that's still the case, that Platform does not support this out of the box. Mainly (or basically) for the caching provider.
        Am I right here? or does Platform already support this now?

        If not, is there any option for an extension that can work on Platform to achive this?
        Vicenç Masanas
        Disgrafic ITec SL Banyoles - Spain

        Senior Member

          Personally, I haven't found it necessary to do a web farm these days.  The cloud platforms (e.g., Azure) make it too easy to scale up in simpler ways.  Are you not able to take advantage of a cloud hosting provider?  Otherwise, I do know that the missing piece DNN platform needed to make it possible has been added in a recent release.  Also, a quick search online led me to Mitch's web farm configuration white paper.  

          Growing Member

            Thanks Will, didn't know about this. Lots of good information here, will take a look.
            The current scenario where we need this is an onpremise installation, not on cloud.
            Vicenç Masanas
            Disgrafic ITec SL Banyoles - Spain
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