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9.5.0 - Gravity Skin

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    I upgraded 9.1.1 to 9.3.2 then to 9.5.0 per dnndocs suggested upgrade path.  Everything but the Gravity Skin works fine.  If I am logged on then the skin displays correctly.  If I am not logged in the data, menus and graphics are there but the skin is not applied. 

    I have double check the configuration and applied the skin again, but still not correct.

    Any help would be appreciated!!



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      That is realy weird. Are there any errors in the Admin logs?

      New Around Here

        None that I saw.

        I have given up on the upgrade, deleted and restored the previous database and web directory, basically it has been rolled back to 9.1.1.

        I am now in the process of checking everything and will only upgrade a version at a time to versions that have what I believe to be less problems.  I will NOT upgrade to 9.5.0, I will wait for 9.5.x stable version above .0


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          Thank you all for the suggestions.  It did end up being a Windows server directory permissions problem, I failed to add one user to the DNN directory in the new instance.  The new 9.1.1 instance and the upgraded instance are both working properly.  The upgraded instance is running 9.6.0 RC1 and I will use it for testing the version.

          Thanks again and special thanks to @ Joe Craig for prompting me to look closer at permissions.

          One piece of advise to all who plan on upgrading....

          First, make a backup of your current versions database and directory.    MAKE SURE you upgrade all modules, skins, themes, containers, extensions and .NET Framework PRIOR to upgrading a site.

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