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Themes Menu going blank

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    The menu displays for about a second (getting this screenshot was tricky). Then goes blank. Changing to other menus and going back - still blank. Reloading the page - menu opens automatically and shows for a second, then again goes blank. I'm not even sure I need anything in this panel, but I can't see it to find out. I'd like to have different logos on different pages, but the references I see to use Large Icon have not been successful so far. I don't want to hard code, because I'm testing themes on different pages for display purposes (that is, approved can just be zipped up and shared in team, no further edits needed). Yes, that will be a different thread in here once I'm done getting frustrated here.

    You may not see this image since you're not on my VPN Themes for a hot second


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      We'll need more information to assist.
      Which DNN Theme are you using?
      Does switching the theme over to Default DNN Theme resolves the issue?
      Does this issue persist on all pages or just a specific page?
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        In testing export/import, the problem does persist on the new server. But you're right, let me reset to default theme (if I can) and see what happens then.


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          A) you cannot set pages back to "default" theme from page manager. You can only pick from installed themes from page manager.
          2) I changed page to a copy of the default theme (I copied to look at the skin code and see what I could do with it. I don't think I made major changes besides updating the thumbnails). Themes Manager still blanks out after loading all the way (appears while loading, blanks out when complete).

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            also the default theme is an installed theme. It's called "Xcillion" afair...

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              Xcillion is not available to select from the Page Settings (thank you for putting a name to that face! lol).

              Is there no way to change the default theme on a site without using Manage Themes? Importing a working site? Is it possible the Manage Themes is not showing up because other pages are using "bad" themes? How does Evoq "see" what page you're "on" since the URL is not changing? Because if the Themes menu won't show until all the pages have their appearances changed to a working theme, that could potentially be very time-consuming during development. I'm testing out all kinds of themes to see if they will work for our clients/set up.

              Thanks again, everyone

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                We have just updated to 9.4.0, and I believe there may be missing/altered folders from Desktop Modules (Themes.js exists, but the structure is different between working server and blank themes server). Also, a bug was reported on 9.3.2 that may be relevant. https://github.com/dnnsof...Platform/issues/3224

                This morning I tried to install the missing extension component, and while it now appears in Extensions, the menu is still blank. Will need to confer with network admin about installing 9.4.0 instead of upgrading, but he's in another time zone.

                I'll share later updates for future users having similar issues.

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                  For anyone experiencing the same - DNN Support evaluated and noted that if you set a default theme on your site, then delete the folder, your theme menu will indeed disappear. You can run a SQL line to reset the default them to an existing theme, but you have to know that you've deleted that folder in order to search/update.

                  Now that we know, GREAT, we can plan to use a default theme on sites that won't be deleted by super users OR admins (our clients are usually given admin roles but are not typically savvy enough to handle that responsibility, but I digress). However, this disappearing menu as a result of an easy thing to do (deleting a theme is easy, after all) seems like kind of a pothole that could be addressed on future updates.

                  Thanks all for helping narrow down and find the problem!

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