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A New Website for DNN Summit

Written By David Poindexter

Today we launched the new DNN Summit website!!! 

The look and feel changed slightly but the site is still very much in line with the DNN Summit brand.  The beauty, though, is honestly "under the hood".  Following were some of the goals of the DNN Summit website team.

  • DNN Upgrades
    • DNN 7 - DNN 9
  • New Custom Theme
    • Better Performance
    • Ease of Use
    • Light Weight with Minimal Dependencies
    • Less "Smoke and Mirrors" for Content Editors
    • Open Source
  • Structured Content
    • Better Organization and Management of Content and Data
    • Maintain Integrity of Content Design
    • Improve Integration Capabilities
  • Sessionize Integration
    • Better Integration/Tooling & Dissemination of Speakers/Sessions/Schedule Content

The team did a fabulous job on the site and I wanted to take a moment to thank them all:

Ryan Moore (Moore Creative)

  • Hosting Environment Setup & Configuration
  • Site Replication for Development
  • DNN Upgrades
  • Content Management

Andrew Hoefling (Hoefling Software)

  • Structured Content
  • API Development
  • Content Management

David Poindexter (nvisionative)

  • Custom Theme Development
  • Structured Content
  • Content Management

Our Board of Directors

  • Clint Patterson
  • Mitchel Sellers
  • Cassidi Peterson

For those interested in the new theme and how it was developed, you can obtain the source code from the DNN Association GitHub Organization repository called DNNSummit2020-Theme.  The theme was built using nvQuickTheme, which is also open source.

This is a fresh start for the DNN Summit website and we are super excited about all that this affords us as an organization moving forward.  Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at DNN Summit 2020 in Orlando, Florida!  By the way, did you know that the Call for Speakers is open and we have announced our Keynote Speaker?  Head on over to the site and see for yourself!

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Thanks to everyone who contributed to the new and updated site. It is much better this year and will greatly serve our community!
Monday, July 1, 2019 ·

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