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2019 DNN MVP Nominations are Open!

Written By CBPSC

DNN MVP LogoHello DNN Community! Long time, no talk ;-) As you most likely know, last year the DNN MVP program was refreshed, turned over to the community, and a new batch of MVPs were nominated, voted on, and inducted into the community - by the community. You can see the details behind the updates and MVP inductions in the 2018 DNN MVP blog.

Well, it’s that time again and the nominations for 2019 MVP are open!

A New Era for the DNN Community
The dawn of a new era occurred a few weeks ago at DNN Connect as the new DNN Community site, DNNCommunity.org (this site), launched at the conference. This new community site will be the technology and community-focused site moving forward. Given that the MVP Program was turned over to the community last year it only makes sense for the MVP profiles and content to live here on the new, community focused site. You’ll see the MVP content has been recreated here.

MVP Section on the DNNCommunity.org Site
The site is still a work in progress and is constantly being tweaked and updated. That said, the MVP section is also work in progress, but we've got it to a great point thanks to the help from David Poindexter. You can go to the MVP page to see the Current MVPs, Lifetime MVPs, and Honorary MVPs listed there. If you’re an MVP and are not listed on the site yet, please reach out to me and I’ll help you get that taken care of. In the MVP section you can find the Program overview, Current MVPs, Honorary MVPs, and Lifetime MVPs.

Nominate Your DNN MVPs Today!
Now that you’ve got the update on the latest and great the only thing left to do is to nominate your 2019 DNN MVPs! Nominations will be open from July 1 to August 1 with MVPs being announced shortly thereafter. Current MVPs will automatically be included in the voting process so if you’re wondering if you should nominate a currently existing MVP, you don’t have to worry about it as they will be included. Thanks for your help, let’s get the new batch of MVPs inducted!


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