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GitHub’s New One Time Donations Makes It Easy to Support DNN Platform Maintainers!

Not too long-ago GitHub enabled a new functionality which makes it really easy to support your favorite developers. GitHub previously allowed recurring sponsorships - and while that is great - not everyone wants to (or is able to) sign up for a recurring donation. The good news is that GitHub realized this and adjusted accordingly. Now, if you want to thank a developer for fixing a bug, adding an enhancement, or just simply maintaining a project, you can easily do this via a one-time donation.

Upgrading DNN and Persona Bar DLL Fun

Recently I was upgrading a DNN site that was on version 7.4.2. My target was the latest release, which at the time of this writing is version 9.6.1. I have successfully upgraded many DNN sites in the pasts, but this upgrade was through a few different major and minor versions and involved some in-depth investigation. I wanted to document my learnings to share them with the DNN Community in the case that they may be helpful to someone in the future.

Welcome to the 2019 DNN MVPs!

The nominations were made; the votes were cast and now we’re ready to share the news! We have a great group of returning DNN MVPs along with some new DNN MVPs that I’d like to introduce you to. I’m excited to share this news and am pleased to welcome both new and returning MVPs to the group.

2019 DNN MVP Nominations are Open!

Last year the DNN MVP program was refreshed, turned over to the community, and a new batch of MVPs were nominated, voted on, and inducted into the community. Well, it’s that time again and the nominations for 2019 MVP are open. Get the details on how to nominate individuals for MVP in this blog!

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