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GitHub’s New One Time Donations Makes It Easy to Support DNN Platform Maintainers!

Written By CBPSC

Not too long-ago GitHub enabled a new functionality which makes it really easy to support your favorite developers. GitHub previously allowed recurring sponsorships - and while that is great - not everyone wants to (or is able to) sign up for a recurring donation. The good news is that GitHub realized this and adjusted accordingly. Now, if you want to thank a developer for fixing a bug, adding an enhancement, or just simply maintaining a project, you can easily do this via a one-time donation.

Sponsor a DNN Developer on GitHub

I’ve been meaning to sponsor some of our DNN Community developers on GitHub and Mitchel’s recent blog was a friendly reminder, so I’ve now taken the plunge and sponsored 5 people via a one-time donation!

The reason I sponsored these people is not only because they deserve it - frankly they deserve much more, but because we are in a new day, a new era of the ecosystem. If you’ve been part of the DNN Community over the years, then you have seen a lot of change come and go. Today DNN is 100% open source and is truly managed and maintained by the community. And the people who are managing, maintaining, and contributing… people just like you and me… this isn’t their day job. They are contributing for free.

GitHub Sponsorship Button

We’ve come a long way as a community. We’ve successfully navigated the waters of getting the source code migrated to the .NET Foundation, we’re making the platform leaner, we’ve got dependency injection in the platform, technology enhancements keep coming, and the platform continues to be made more modern and secure. This transition didn’t happen on its own. It has taken hundreds if not thousands of hours from numerous people around the world. And during this period of transition and uncertainty the community has stepped up, leaders have emerged, and the project continues to thrive.

To try and give back, I’ve sponsored a few people. Let’s be honest though, they won’t get rich off my donation, but it does send a friendly reminder that their work is appreciated. But this is where you come in and this is where we can collectively make a difference. Is 2, 3, or 5 bucks a month worth it to you to help keep the platform moving forward? Can you make a single donation at some point during the year? Ultimately, I want to encourage you to take the plunge, thank a DNN Community member by sponsoring them on GitHub.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the platform over the years and thanks to those keeping it moving forward today. If you can, please consider sponsoring anybody in the DNN community through GitHub sponsorships. If we all chip in, we can really make a big impact and fuel even more development of DNN.

How do you Donate?
Just go to any developer’s profile page and click “Sponsor”!

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Thank you Clint - great blog post and a great reminder for us all!
Wednesday, June 9, 2021 ·
Thank you so much for the sponsorship and for the blog post. It sure feels nice to get some signs of appreciation and no donation is too small :)
Thursday, June 10, 2021 ·

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