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Translating the Roles in the personabar

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New Member

    After finishing the translations we are seeing that the PersonaBar Roles page title is not translated.
    Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.


    We have checked every single translation file in the desktopmodules.
    For a quick summary of the most important onces that we have checked:

    - DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\App_LocalResources\PersonaBar.resx
    - DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\Modules\Dnn.Roles\App_LocalResources\Roles.resx
    - DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\Modules\Dnn.Users\App_LocalResources\Users.resx

    Does anyone know the location of this translation? Maybe we need to add it in another file?

    New Member

    New Member


      This is Grzegorz Zieliński under the nickname of Greg Greensky here. :)
      Regarding your question here and on Facebook: is your website translated (localized) meaning are there translated equivalents of the *.resx files mentioned above?

      Every pair of language key: value can be translated then from within DNN installation.

      The result is e.g.
      DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\App_LocalResources\PersonaBar.resx => DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\App_LocalResources\PersonaBar.pl-pl.resx

      Veteran Member

      Veteran Member

        I just tested where this value is for Users and it's:

          < data name="nav_Users.Text" xml:space="preserve">
            < value>Users-x< /value>
          < /data>


        As soon as I change that value to Users-X and restart the application pool, the text get's change in the PB menu and the header of the Page itself.
        When I do the same for the

          < data name="nav_Roles.Text" xml:space="preserve">
            < value>Roles-x< /value>
          < /data>

        In DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\Modules\Dnn.Roles\App_LocalResources\Roles.resx

        Only the text in the PB menu changes, so IMO this is a bug.

        New Member

        New Member

          Hi Grzegorz,

          Thanks for you reply.
          All our files that we translated have a nl_NL so this is correct.

          New Member

          New Member

            Hi Timo,

            So then this needs looking at, do I have to place this question on another website so that we see that it is a bug?
            Please let me know what I can do.

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