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Localization and Shared Modules

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Growing Member

    Do we really have to translate shared modules again?

    Maybe I am not understanding the rational behind DNN's localization, but it seems that if I have a page with proper translations and I then share a module having proper translation, the translation needs to be done again on the other pages displaying this module.

    It seems to be very weired and unintuitive. It was working much better with the good old MLHTML (and the other modules Eric VB wrote).

    Maybe the problem sits in front of the keyboard here?

    To me it seems there are now two ways to bring in modules on a localized page. One is, to add the module again from the source page (as reference). The other method is to use the "Copy Module" functionality in the "Localization" tab of the page as it seems. Then you will have to apply the translation again. Extremely confusing imo.

    Am still hoping that I am possibly not understanding it correctly.

    Growing Member

      Should the workflow be as below:

      1. Create page in site native language.
      2. Translate it.
      3. Now for each page that shall inherit modules from 1st page, add a reference (not a copy) to the module(s). Do not use the translation tab to create the copy of the module. Do this for each additional language your site serves.

      This seems to be wrong though, I just tried it and ended up with the site native language being added as reference, instead of a reference to the localized instance of the module.

      Is there maybe a video explaining how that feature is supposed to work, eventually in conjunction with shared modules.

      Veteran Member

        There are two kind of DNN modules, and the Core localization allows the use of both.
        Modules that are translatable and modules that are not Translatable.

        The Core HTML module is not translatable, but for instance OpenContent is.
        For non-translatable modules, you place a "copy" on the other languages page and link the modules to each other (which is the chain icon what you see in the Localization tab), so DNN knows they belong together.

        For a translatable module you place a reference on the other language page and the module handles showing the proper language itself.

        Growing Member

          Thanks a lot for the explanation Timo. I was using the core "HTML Module" and wasn't aware that it is non-translatable.

          I will try OpenContent and see if it better suits our needs / is less confusing.

          If I check out one of our page's translation tab and the additional language we have configured, I see that some modules have the chain and others don't. It seems I cannot enable the chain by clicking on it. The modules were copied over in the language tab before. The only thing I can check is the checkbox to the right side of the module, which seems to indicate whether a translation is present or not. Is the chain supposed to be clicked on or is it solely displaying the status?


          Veteran Member

            Hi Andreas,

            Normally the chain should be a link you can click to link modules and it should turn blue.
            Are you using DNN 9?





            Growing Member

              Posted By Timo Breumelhof on 28 Oct 2019 11:44 AM

              Hi Andreas,

              Normally the chain should be a link you can click to link modules and it should turn blue.
              Are you using DNN 9?





              Hi Timo,

              Thanks for the reply. This is on DNN 9.4.1. I find that some modules have the chain enabled (blue) and others don't. I could not find out why that happens. Clicking on those not having it enabled does not enable it.

              I briefly looked into the OpenContent module and the template based approach. Another interesting module! Is there any template I could use for simple HTML code?



              Veteran Member

                On the link icons
                Sometimes the database has issues when it comes to Localization and you cannot link items.
                Can you post screenprint of what you see?

                About Open Content:

                Actually, creating your own templates for Open Content is not that difficult, the exisitng ones are more there to get you started.
                You should realise however that it's meant for structured content. So when you are kind of "building your website" inside the HTML editor (which is not smart IMO), that's not what it's made for.

                What would do you mean with a template for simple HTML code exaclty? Do you have an example or do you just mean an HTML module replacement?

                Growing Member

                  Sorry for getting back to this so late. I am now done with porting our site to 9.4.1 and I used solely the built-in HTML module. I think it was some database issue occurring with some of the pages. It seems to have resolved itself.

                  Regarding OpenContent I meant just a simple HTML module replacement, where one can either use the DNN editor or pure HTML as template. Just to checkout the look and feel of a module supporting translation. The templates I found were all doing much more than that, like a carousel, accordion and other nice advanced, responsive things. My idea was initially to copy the HTML from the old site's MLHTML modules into OpenContent. If that makes any sense or improves the localization process.


                  Veteran Member

                    Great to hear you fixed it.
                    You are right that most Open Content Module are more complex, creating a simple one is not difficult, but there's no reasdy made solution. I'll put it on my list https://github.com/sachat...t-Templates/issues/1

                    Growing Member

                      Cool. Thank you! :)
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