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Private registration and notify email

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New Around Here

    Hi, I need to understand how work private registration and notify at admin (DNN 9.9.1)

    In Settings > Security > Account Members > Registration setting I define Private registration and flag on Receive New User Registration Notification

    In Settings > Security > Login Settings > Base login settings I define my Super User account like principal admin

    However, I've got other two admin user (role: Administrator) because I would notify them when a new user registry to site. Every admin users have got a personal email associated

    Now there is SMTP config

    I've tried both CoreMailProvider and MailKitMailProvider

    In Settings > Servers > Server settings > Server SMPT I've got this settings

    • Server SMTP mode: global
    • Server SMPT and port: smtp.office365.com:587
    • Connection limit: (default value)
    • Max idle time: 0 (default value)
    • Max number batch message: 50 (default value)
    • SMTP user: [email protected] (this is the same email linked to Super User account)
    • SMPT password: mypassword
    • Enable SSL SMTP: true
    • Host email: [email protected]

    Test settings SMTP mail sends good!

    Now there is the problem!

    Notify admin emails arrive with a lot of delay (from 1 hour to 12 hours): why? How can I debug this behavior?

    I try to change Super User email but I receive this error "System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Transaction failed. The server response was: 5.2.252 STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:SendAsDeniedException.MapiExceptionSendAsDenied; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot submit message"


    Thanks for the help,


    Veteran Member

      Delay might be caused by Office365 SMTP server - DNN submits the message to the server immediately.
      DNN SMTP account needs to match an existing account on the O365 mail server - and that one must be able to send as specified FROM user. If you want to send to multiple admins, I suggest using email address of a shared mailbox group.

      New Around Here

        Hi Sebastian, thankyou for your response.

        Is there a way to debug the send action of DNN? My DNN host tell me that there isn't retard on Office 365...

        Best regards,


        Veteran Member

          you could install papercut (https://www.papercut-smtp.com/) and temporarily redirect your mails to this virtual SMTP server, to check the messages being sent.

          New Around Here

            Ok, thanks: this service show me there isn't retard during notify Super User. But there is retard during notify other admins

            Hypothesis: I would implement your hint "I suggest using email address of a shared mailbox group". Where I need to specify this new email in DNN?

            Another question: how to identify the sender of the email notify new registration to the admin: is it the email associated to the Super User account?

            Thanks for your patience,


            Veteran Member

              The sender address is the address of the "Primary Administrator", defined in Settings >> Security >> Login Settings >> Basic Login Settings.

              Happy DNNing!

              Michael Tobisch

              dnnWerk Austria
              DNN Connect

              Veteran Member

                you'd admin group specify group (as recipient and sender) at the same settings Micheal mentioned above.

                New Around Here

                  Ok, thanks Sebastian and Michael

                  Is there some scheduled task that send notification email, like this? See this link

                  Veteran Member

                    AFAIR, registration notifications are always sent immediately, as there shouldn't be a larger number and those notifications should not be delayed.

                    New Around Here

                      I think I found the solution: I change a Super User setting

                      • User menù and find your Super User (in my case, it is host)
                      • Show profile
                      • Edit profile > Communication tab
                      • Schedulation send email and change Notification Frequency Digest (from 1h to immediatly)

                      I do this for every user with Admin role

                      Thanks all for your support

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