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0 Replies and 2814 Views First Time Installing DNN?      2814  0 Started by  Will Strohl Thanks to an alert reader for calling out attention to this.  The links have been updated and point to right URLs in the DNN documentation If you&39;ve never installed DNN before, please feel free to take a look at our documentation on this topic.  Setting Up DNN Set Up the DNN Folder Set Up IIS Set Up SQL Run Installation Wizard
0 2814
12 Jun 2019 10:42 PM
19 Replies and 7893 Views DNN 9.2.1 install where the Persona Bar is not displaying correctly  7893  19 Started by  IdoDNN2
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I have a DNN 9.2.1 install where the Persona Bar is not displaying correctly. Just the DNN logo is displaying. None of the Admin sections are displayed. Chrome&39;s developer console displays "DesktopModules/editBar/common/API/localization/gettableculture=en-US:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)" for the following resources: https://mywebsite.com/DesktopModules/editBar/common/API/localization/gettableculture=en-US https://mywebsit...
19 7893
by  IdoDNN2Jump to last post
19 Nov 2021 09:16 AM
4 Replies and 242 Views Compiling Source Code DNN 9.10.2  242  4 Started by  Mohit Sahu I&39;m new to DNN and I have DNN 9.6.2 which I can modify,compile and publish. I have to move to DNN 9.10.2 and I downloaded the Source Code of it from github. When I open it in VS2019 and try to build it builds successfully in Debug but on publishing in Release mode i&39;m getting github error regarding some packages. I found this https://www.dnnsoftware.com/community-blog/cid/155414/dnn-9-compiling-platform-using-901-source-package but on github their is no DNN_Platform_v9.10.2_Source....
4 242
by  Mitchel SellersJump to last post
18 Nov 2021 03:43 AM
1 Replies and 193 Views SSO  193  1 Started by  Lee CPQcart.com Does anyone have good experience to a good SSO single Sign On module. I am selling a SaaS Instant Quote product where my customer would add another link option on there site along with there &39;Call for Free Quote&39; also &39;Click here for Instant Quote&39; With SSO they would be able to login with a Gmail acct & possible other existing accts, without needing to add a full user. I only need there email. Thanks in advance for any insite.
1 193
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
02 Nov 2021 04:08 AM
3 Replies and 894 Views DNN 9.0.2 AuthenticationServices ActiveDirectory not found  894  3 Started by  progmr Hi, I&39;m going to create two new dev workspace on two different machine but I&39;ve got this error 2020-07-09 09:31:14,972 &91;WIN-DTS5KUT2MV5&93;&91;Thread:5&93;&91;ERROR&93; DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.Exceptions - FriendlyMessage="Si è verificato un errore." ctrl="ASP.admin_skins_login_ascx" exc="System.Web.HttpException (0x80004005): The file &39;/DesktopModules/AuthenticationServices/ActiveDirectory/Login.ascx&39; does not exist.   &n...
3 894
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
25 Oct 2021 02:39 PM
2 Replies and 312 Views DNN 9.10.1  312  2 Started by  Jeff DNN Version 9.10.1 Godaddy Plesk Windows Hosting Install wizard giving the following code. Any suggestions 0:00 Minutes   |   9 ERROR:Request for the permission of type &39;System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermission, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089&39; failed.
2 312
by  JeffJump to last post
06 Oct 2021 11:41 PM
4 Replies and 279 Views GitHub Downloads not working!  279  4 Started by  Barry Craig Thompson Does anyone know of an alternative download location for DNN 9.10 (the latest version, I assume).  I&39;ve been away from this since around version 9.4  I&39;d like to get my hands on the new version to begin testing it out, but can&39;t seem to find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere, I&39;m a n00b and this is my first post here! 
4 279
by  Barry Craig ThompsonJump to last post
29 Sep 2021 12:13 PM
6 Replies and 529 Views Installation Error  529  6 Started by  sadjad Hello There,  I am working on a very old project developed using dotnetnuke version 4.4.0. Currently I am trying to install the project on a test server to fix its some bugs. I have followed the limitted resources about that version on the net and configured the project. But I get this error " Connection Error(s): You must choose a Database Type"  I have searched about it, but it seems that no one had this problem before, any help would be highly appriciated.  ...
6 529
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
07 Sep 2021 07:01 PM
5 Replies and 458 Views Installation Wizard - no formating no scripts working  458  5 Started by  pcollins I&39;m installing DNN v9.10.0 manually, not using nvQuicksite as that failed to work. I&39;m using Windows 10 Home and SQL Server 2019. I&39;ve got the installation wizard to display, but I noticed that none of the formatting is displaying on the page, none of the pictures and scripts work, which seemingly prevents me from moving on. I&39;ve clearly not set something up right but I&39;m not sure what, any ideas
5 458
by  Michael TobischJump to last post
24 Aug 2021 08:25 AM
4 Replies and 505 Views Install DNN on Amazon Web Service (AWS)  505  4 Started by  Yma I am working with DNN for years now and have worked on different hosting providers. I am new to AWS. I have a new AWS account which gave by my client. Please, can anybody help me where and how to start with AWS to set up a new DNN 9 website Do we have to set up IIS/MSSQL databases on AWS ourselves  I really appreciate it if you can show me the path to work on. Do we have FTP and RDP for the AWS setup Where to start and how to start with AWS hosting Please, help.  Thank you...
4 505
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
23 Aug 2021 07:43 AM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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