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DNN-Connect 2022 Official Playlist

Written By Will Strohl

DNN Connect was amazing, as usual, hosted for the second time in Millau, France. It was amazing for all kinds of reasons. We got to see each other in-person. We joined each other to chat about all things tech and DNN. We debated other topics, played games, and various sports in the area. Most of all, we networked. Part of what can make networking so much fun is the music you're listening to. This blog post is about that.

Music is Life

Music has been attributed to all kinds of things human since doing such a thing was possible. We use it to relax, to get in the zone, to get hyped up, and also to set a mood. Music has roots in all cultures and histories. So, Catou Lee and I began harvesting the favorite songs from any attendee that offered one up.

DNN-Connect 2022 Playlist on Spotify

The result of the work by Catou and I is a playlist that any of you can find on Spotify. You'll find music from various places all around the globe and not only the recent stuff. Our hope is that you can listen to this playlist to get into "flow" and/or simply to remember the great time we all had in Millau. Enjoy!

DNN-Connect 2022 Playlist

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I totally like that! Not every piece of music here is my taste, but it shows the diversity of an awesome community! Thanks Will for the compilation!
Wednesday, December 7, 2022 ·

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