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Upendo's DNN Page Manager v1.1.1 Released

Written By Will Strohl

If you're not aware, our team at Upendo Ventures recently published an open-source module that empowers non-administrators and non-technical persons to perform many of the most common tasks that they need to do with pages in DNN, including finding and editing various pages. This release expands on those capabilities.  

What's New with the Page Manager Module?

A lot of what we've done is under-the-hood kind of work. For example, we've updated nearly all of the build dependencies to protect the dormant source code.  

We've upgraded Angular to version 13. Upgrading Angular helps improve performance, reliability, and security on your website.  

We added the ability to filter your page view to only show pages with metadata missing. SEO experts will love this!  

We've added a more flexible paging solution to help benefit owners of larger websites.  

We've also added a quick settings view to help you make adjustments to your SEO metadata filtering. By default, the module will only look at Title and Description, but you can use the quick settings to do any combination of the two and Keywords.  Once you enable at least one of these filters, your SEO features will be available. 

Upendo Ventures: Page Manager for DNN

Where Can You Find the Page Manager Module?

Since this is an open-source module, you'll find it on GitHub like most other similar extensions. We hope you enjoy it... We worked very hard on it. :)  

Download the Upendo DNN Page Manager

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