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Upendo DNN Page Manager 1.1.2 Released

Written By Will Strohl

We're very excited to announce version 01.01.02 of the Upendo DNN Page Manager module is ready for you to use.  In this release, we focused directly on just fixing a few bugs.  These bugs include...

First, the table that displays the pages to you was missing a bit of mobile-friendly code to ensure that the grid is much more responsive on mobile devices of varying sizes.  

There were supposed to be default SEO values enforced on a clean installation, but they weren't being saved when the module first loads.  This has been fixed.  

Finally, the pagination control on the grid had some usability issues, most notably showing an incorrect number of pages (of pages on the site). 

There were some other minor updates, but they were too minor to note.  

Please enjoy this stabilization release of the Upendo DNN Page Manager.  We hope you love it as much as we love building it for you!  

Download the Upendo DNN Page Manager

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Excellent - we promoted this during the May Southern Fried DNN meetup (which will be available on YouTube soon).
Friday, May 19, 2023 ·

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