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Upendo DNN Prompt 1.5 Released!

Written By Will Strohl

We originally released the Upendo DNN Prompt just less than two years ago. Holy moly, I thought I was going to look it up and find a much longer span of time! I've personally used this SO many times for projects, I guess it seems like much longer. Upgrades alone are faster. This release brings a couple of fun updates, and it sets the stage for some other updates we can't wait to work on later.  

What is Upendo DNN Prompt? 

If you didn't already know, DNN has a built-in command line tool available to administrators and superuser, called Prompt. This feature makes it super-easy to do many common administrative tasks, such as page and user management - all using a few commands. It's quite powerful. Not only for the reasons I just introduced, but it's yet another extension point for DNN.  

Anyone can build and install commands on their DNN website!  

Our goal for some of the commands is to mature them to the point of contributing them back to the core of DNN. To do that, we'll need your feedback, of course. However, we're also waiting until we get closer to DNN 11. The APIs for building prompts are a bit challenging for a first-timer, still.  

Raised Minimum DNN Platform Version

Until this release, the generator was building against DNN Platform 09.04.00. Raising the minimum version of DNN for a development tool is a tricky thing. We're trying to not be too aggressive with it, because DNN websites maintained/built by teams, typically can't upgrade as quickly as smaller sites that are maintained by fewer people.  

This of course means that as a developer, you're able to have access to bug fixes, performance updates, and more. But it also means that you have access to newer and improved APIs. Depending on when you started your project, you're missing out on cool things, like the Event System!

Added set-captcha Command

We've added a new command, set-captcha, that helps a non-technical DNN website owner to toggle the built-in CAPTCHA setting that's used to show/hide the CAPTCHA when people attempt to log in.  

This feature used to have a setting in the UI, but it's no longer there. To be fair, this is probably because the built-in CAPTCHA isn't as secure as any third-party CAPTCHA. However, it's been historically impossible to find someone to donate the time to update/fix it.  

Though, there's still apparently some value to using it for some people.  

Still, it's a built-in and free way to have a little peace of mind.  

Personally, we tend to use custom or third-party extensions to replace the default login for this and other reasons. It's a shame that this first-time experience isn't better. Maybe you can help the community with that, dear reader? ;)  

This is a toggle-based command. Meaning, if you execute the command, it just reverses the dual-tier state. If CAPTCHA is already enabled, it's disabled. If it's disabled already, then it'll become enabled.  

Upendo DNN Prompt Road Map

We have a very exciting update coming in the next release. For the purpose of not ruining the surprise, we haven't published this into GitHub yet. You'll have to bribe me to find out! {Hahaha!}  

Download & View The Project

If you want to help build or suggest features for the Upendo DNN Prompt extension, please feel free to visit the project using the links below.

In Closing

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Thanks Will!
Tuesday, August 15, 2023 ·
My pleasure... I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment as well. Thank you!
Tuesday, August 15, 2023 ·

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