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UpendoDNN Generator 1.9.2 for DNN Extension Development

Written By Will Strohl

Wow... I can't believe that it will be 5 years ago this upcoming February when I originally released this project. This is the ONLY extension development tool that helps anyone build nearly anything for DNN. First, I can't believe it's been such a long time. But, looking back, it's been a really fun journey.  

What is the UpendoDNN Generator?

Simply put, the UpendoDNN Generator is a command-line tool that empowers anyone wishing to build a DNN extension. It gets a new developer started with their DNN development in minutes. Literally, minutes!  

You don't have to go through any weird, convoluted learning curves, or jump through odd hoops. It utilizes many tools that developers may already have installed. Further, it leverages the techniques that this kind of developer may find very comfortable in their daily workflows.  

Install > Run the Command > Open Visual Studio and Code 

Wait, what happened to version 1.9.0??? 

Nice catch! I can't believe how observant you are! 🤓 

It was only released a few days ago, and we haven't had a chance to announce it properly. So it seems in better taste to summarize both releases into a single announcement.  

Upendo DNN Generator 1.9.0 & 1.9.1 & 1.9.2 Updates

This release is one that I've been trying to get us to for quite some time now. Many things get in the way, including paying projects. 😬 

But, at last! Here we are at a milestone release.  

Enhancements ✨ 

The enhancements we're announcing right now will help you and your team build DNN extensions even faster than before. They're geared directly to the developer that's going to build more than one module. It's directly aimed at the teams that need to work together. It's acting nicely for your DevOps admins so they don't have to jump through source control hoops.  

We're almost to my original goal of making as many DNN stakeholders happy as I can, all at the same time...  

Solution File AutoMAGICally Gets Updated! 🥳🪄 

Heck yeah! Let's get a happy dance in on that one... Gone are the days of having to click around a bit whenever you want to add another project to your solution. With this release, you'll just go back to Visual Studio, and your new DNN project will be there waiting for you! 

Added Support for Visual Studio 2022 🤦🏽‍♂️ 

Well, this update was a bit embarrassing. I had no idea we didn't have support for Visual Studio 2022, because I've been working on computers that have multiple instances of Visual Studio running. So, I never ran into the dreaded "YIKES!" error message.  

This release ensures that if you get a new computer today and try to begin development after only having installed Visual Studio 2022 (and their build tools), you'll be fine. Nothing will be in your way now. Whew!  

Updated to DNN 09.08.00 ⚙️ 

Honestly, I really want to update this to 09.12.00 right now, because it would make the project look better. However, supporting developers on older versions of DNN is kind of necessary. A large chunk of the DNN ecosystem isn't able to upgrade as quickly as the rest.  

I'm guessing this development platform will continue to lag several versions behind for these reasons. At least we're no longer on 09.04.00! 😁

Updated to Hotcakes Commerce 3.6 🛒 

In this case, e-commerce websites tend to have much more to lose than a typical brochure-ware kind of website. In the latter, not much would happen. A hacked brochure-ware website will suffer some downtime and a reputation hit, but that's mostly it.  

If an e-commerce website is hacked, there could be long-lasting side effects for many years to come. Not only for the website owners but also for any individuals whose data may have been saved while using it. Think about financial and personal data.  

For these reasons, we're keeping Hotcakes Commerce updated with the most current release. This will continue to be the case.  


Authentication Provider Template Usability Update 🔏 

At first glance, this may look and feel like a bug statement to you. It sure does to me. It kind of dances on both sides of that line, I think.  

Anyhow, this update was a very simple label change with one of the prompts you answer before the generator creates the project.  

Previously, it generically gave "DNN" as an example name for the name of the provider. This was a silly mistake. Of course, people will see that and instantly think something like, "Oh, that's a good name for it. It's a DNN website, after all."  

While that definitely seems logical, it will result in this person never being able to successfully build the authentication provider. The default one that's already installed has this name already. 😉 

Numerous Bug Fixes 🛠️ 

We also fixed a number of things. I'll just summarize them for you quickly.  

  • Resolved issue with adding `Authentication Provider`, `Scheduled Job`, and `Skin Object` projects to the solution file.
  • Resolved first-run issues with the `Angular` module template.  
  • Resolved first-run issues with the `VueJS` module template.  
  • Resolved first-run issues with the `React (jsx)` module template. 
  • Resolved first-run issues with the `React (tsx)` module template.
  • Fixed debug build paths for all `Hotcakes Commerce` project types.  
  • Resolved a bug in the `VueJS` module template that made it non-functional on inner pages.  
  • Corrected version dependencies for all Hotcakes Commerce projects.
  • Fixed the `managedPackage` value in Hotcakes Commerce manifest files. 
  • Resolved minor typos in the generator scripts. 

Whew! That was a lot!  

Download & View the Project 🤙🏽 

If you want to help build or suggest features for the UpendoDNN Generator extension, please feel free to visit the project using the links below.

In Closing

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Wow Will! 5 years now man. Awesome!
Tuesday, August 15, 2023 ·
I know right? Time flies when you're DNN'ing! 🤙🏽
Tuesday, August 15, 2023 ·

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